How can I give back?

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An important part of recovery is being of service to others. That could mean volunteering, sharing your story, working in the field or helping people in your life that are still struggling.

It sounds cliché, but there’s actually plenty of data to show that helping others really does help yourself. For example, Maria Pagano from Case Western University released a study showing that addicts who help others, even in small ways — such as calling other AA/NA members to remind them about meetings — significantly improves the likelihood of staying sober. This is proof that working with others is one of the best safeguards against relapse.

“Helpers in AA have the sense that, by staying dry, they are helping other people along the path”

How can I find volunteer opportunities?

  • Get involved in your homegroup. Once you’ve completed the steps yourself, becoming a sponsor is one of the best ways to volunteer in recovery. If you’re not there yet, sign up to help at the meetings, even if it’s just making the coffee, welcoming newcomers or giving someone a ride.
  • Find volunteer opportunities outside of recovery. Recovery doesn’t define your whole life. Animal lovers can volunteer at a shelter. The musically talented can volunteer to play at a nursing home. Anyone can stock shelves at a food pantry. There are plenty of non-profit organizations that need your passion and skills. Try or do a standard Google search in your area.
  • Think about little ways to help. Having a formal volunteer commitment once a week is great. Not everyone has the capacity to do that, especially in early recovery. Find little ways you can make someone’s day. Call your grandma. Help a friend move. Give blood. Addiction thrives on isolation and selfishness. Fight it by proactively thinking of others.

Where can I share my story?

Sharing your perspective and the lessons you learned can impact someone still struggling more than you’ll ever know. The process of recounting how far you’ve come can also inspire you to keep moving forward and add a sense of purpose to your struggle.

Can I get a job at JourneyPure?

Yes! We have employees that are alumni and most of the staff here are in recovery. The general requirement is at least 1 year of continuous sobriety, though some roles require additional sober time.

To view and apply for current openings, visit our page on Indeed.

How can I help my friends that are still struggling?

While you need to be careful associating with people from your old life, you’re living proof to them that things can get better. Let them know you’re here to help and available any time they want to talk about treatment and recovery.

Whether they are able to attend a JourneyPure facility or not, we can help them find their best option. There’s a specific helpline for alumni – (615) 283-9244, but any number they find online is OK too.


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