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  1. I would just like to say how much Jackie Baxter hepled me in my recovery. And still to this day a year later she contiues to check in on me to see how I’m doing and to contiue to give me hope and inspiration to contiue on the amazing path I have set out on . Thankyou so much journey pure for the amazing work your doing. I couldnt have done it with out you and your amazing staff.

  2. I just wanted to take the time out to say how much jackie baxter helped so much while i was in rehab at journey pure at the norris location. She was always there to talk me out of giving up and walking out. Made sure i knew my purpose of being there she is so funny and outgoing and relates to alot of people. I absolutely loved when her father came in to tell his story and it made me to relate to jackie even more. She is one amazing person all the way around.

  3. It was a really good experience this time. They must have someone new running the place. I was here for 10 days this time and even though it was only for 10 days I learned a lot from the groups and the techs. The techs that actually work with you on the daily care about you and want better for you. Once you move out of detox and to the house you can go on outings this time. The patients in the program actually cared and wanted to get better . I felt so much support this time. I would rate this place a 10/10. My favorite techs that truly care about you and go above And beyond on their job is Stacey and Bear. They should def be getting a raise. If you truly want to get clean this place will help you. Only negative thing I can say about this place is who they get our meds from. I just want to say you will be getting a bill in the mail after doesn’t matter how good your insurance is. My insurance pays for all my meds on the outside but I got a bill saying I owe 900$ and they say my insurance is denying it. Which is crazy because I get name brand medicine at home for 0.00$ but they are charging me for the same meds in there and they are generic and I am getting bills in the mail. They will keep calling and mailing stuff to you. Also I didn’t have to pay for room and board in January but now this time 6 months later they are saying I need to pay room and board for this time. All I would say is know what meds you are on and make sure you need them. Take your detox meds but If they try and put you on all this stuff just know you will be getting a bill in the mail after. Even though I said all that negative this place is really good and you will get a lot from it. Just remember take it one day at a time. You got this and this place is will save your life. Also they will keep you comfortable in detox. So don’t worry about that part!

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