How much does JourneyPure cost?

How much does JourneyPure Cost?

I know it’s annoying, but each situation is different in ways that impact the cost of treatment. You can get the specific answers you’re looking for by calling (844) 505-4799.

There’s no commitment and it’s not a sales trick. There really are too many factors that impact costs to give you an accurate answer here. 

Why can’t you give a cost estimate online?

Most people use insurance and that makes things complicated. Every policy is different and many insurance companies require that we call to get information. Because of wait times, these calls can take an hour or more, so there’s no way for any treatment center to list or even chat a cost number that applies to you.

To give you a cost estimate, we need to understand:

  • Insurance.  Using insurance dramatically lowers your cost, but the exact amounts are specific to just your policy. Consider providing your insurance information as early as possible since there’s no commitment and it’s 100% confidential. 
  • Location. Our locations offer different amenities and staff-ratios, which impact the cost. Our lowest cost option is in Knoxville, which accepts Medicaid. Our highest cost options are on the beach in Florida and in Murfreesboro. All locations are in-network with insurance. Occasionally, an insurance policy prefers one of our locations over another. If that is the case, we will talk about that with you. 
  • Timeline. Medical detox is the most expensive part of the process. Some people need to spend 10 days in detox, while others only need one day. The same idea applies to the total length of treatment.

How does insurance work for rehab?

Understanding insurance is complicated, but it comes down to three concepts – deductible, coinsurance and out-of-pocket maximum. 

  1. You pay until you meet your deductible. This is a set amount you pay for healthcare before insurance companies pay anything. It resets every year. Some plans have no deductible, though the average deductible in 2019 was $1,655. You usually hit your deductible with rehab, which reduces any future healthcare costs for the year. 
  2. Then, you pay coinsurance, which is the percentage of healthcare costs that you share with your insurance company after your deductible — unless your policy covers 100%. For example, if you have a $100 healthcare cost and your plan has 80% coinsurance, you owe $20.
  3. But, you stop paying if you hit an out-of-pocket (OOP) maximum. Insurance covers 100% after that. If you received care throughout the year (including other treatment), you may owe very little for rehab.

How much do other rehabs cost?

There are so many different kinds of rehabs. Stare-run, non-profit facilities may cost little to nothing, though access and quality are issues. Switzerland has the most expensive rehab in the world costing $370,000 for 35 days.

More realistically, according to the National Institutes of Health, the average cost of inpatient rehab is $14,818 – $32,361. Our locations are all in or even below that range. And, if using insurance, your policy covers most or sometimes all of that cost.

How can I pay for rehab?

We will work with you. That means payment plans as low as $20 a month if that helps you not feel stress after you leave. (That’s the last thing you need). 

You might hate this comment, but addiction is expensive – legal fees, buying drugs/alcohol, hospitalizations, missed/lost work, etc. As cheesy as it sounds, be as willing to pay for help as you are to pay for your addiction.

How can I go to rehab without insurance?

Dealing with a serious disease without insurance is difficult, but there is hope!

  1. Consider Medicaid. If you make less than $15,586 per year as an individual, you can apply for Medicaid to give you more options.  
  2. Find a Facility. 
  3. The government’s treatment map shows local free or Medicaid facilities — type your zip code in the box in the upper right and open the drop-down under “Substance Use (SU)” and scroll until you see the payment accepted checkboxes
  4. In Tennessee and Kentucky, here are specific resources:
  5. Harbor House (Memphis) 901-743-1836 
  6. Samaritan Recovery (Nashville) 615-244-4802 
  7. Elam at Meharry (Nashville) 615-327-6255 
  8. Mending Hearts (Nashville) 615-385-1696 
  9. NOTE: JourneyPure is able to accept Medicaid in Tennessee and Kentucky
  10. Follow through. The process can be frustrating. Facilities may have waitlists or require your loved one go in-person on a first-come-first-serve basis. Depending on where you live, there may not be any residential treatment options. Don’t give up! Keep calling and work with any resources you find.


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