How do I use JourneyPure Coaching?

How do I use my JourneyPure App and Alumni Life Coach? Header Graphic

The private JourneyPure app creates a customized recovery plan to help you reach daily, weekly and monthly recovery goals. It’s accessible 24/7 and connects directly to your Alumni Life Coach.

Your coach is there for support. to walk hand-in-hand with you through your first year of recovery. They are an ear for listening, a resource library and an advocate for you and your recovery. All coaches are in recovery themselves so they understand the struggle and how to overcome it.

Why should I use the JourneyPure app?

The app holds you accountable for making healthy choices every day – like taking your medication, attending meetings and taking time for reflection. The little things you do each day matter. The healthy habits you create help prevent relapse, especially in the first, critical year.

Plus, you get rewarded for staying active on the app. As you check off daily tasks, you earn points that can be redeemed for gift cards. Using the app is a win-win for you.

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How do I use the JourneyPure app?

Download the app from the Apple app store or Google Play store on a phone or a tablet. Your login credentials are unique to you and will work on any device that has the application. You should receive your login information while in treatment. If you’re having issues with access, reach out to you Alumni Life Coach.

Can I reach out to my Alumni Life Coach any time?

Yes, the JourneyPure app has a HIPAA-compliant secure messaging feature that is a direct line to your Alumni Life Coach. Your coach will also call you from a company cell phone that is assigned to them. You are able to reach out to them via the app, a call or a text whenever you need them. Please be patient as coaches have to sleep and whatnot, but they’ll get back to you within 1 business day.

When will my Alumni Life Coach call me?

For the first 3 months, they will check in weekly. From months 3-6, the calls are bi-weekly, until months 6-12 where it drops to monthly. As noted above, you can reach out any time you’re feeling triggered, losing motivation or needing a recommendation. You shouldn’t wait for a scheduled call to reach out. If you’ve had a slip, reach out right away to be sure you’re heading back on track.


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  1. I am an alumni however I never received log in info for the JP Coaching app. Please we email members user and password info.

    1. Hey Steve, it’s so great to hear that you’re enjoying the app! Make sure to keep an eye out for updates and new content as we continue to make improvements. Hope all is well with you!

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