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10 Interesting Kentucky Addiction Facts

Kentucky recently improved its standing in many health measures but still ranks near the bottom nationally because of a troubling increase in alcohol and drug-related deaths and high reports of poor mental health.

Kentucky Mental Health Facts

  • 48 of the 50 states for mental health.
  • The only states below Kentucky are Arkansas and West Virginia.
    • South and North Dakota in the top two spots.

Kentucky Drug Facts

  • In 2017, there were 1,160 reported opioid-involved deaths in Kentucky.
  • Kentucky’s overdose death rate is nearly double the national average.
  • Although trending down now, Kentucky prescribes more pain medication per capita than the national average.
  • From 2016 to 2017, methamphetamine-related deaths more than doubled.
  • Fentanyl was present in more than half of overdose deaths.
  • Jefferson, Fayette and Kenton are the most severely affected counties.

Kentucky Alcohol Facts

Getting Help in Kentucky

This website is run by JourneyPure. People come from across Kentucky to get help at our drug and alcohol rehab in Bowling Green, KY. We also have five outpatient clinics throughout the state. There’s a reason you’re on this website, so just know…we’re here for you.

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