My Story

My Story

My Story

My Story with addiction started with unexpected and unwanted responsibilities of a big sister. My mother had always been a nurse, but to me.. she was a mom. Then she was gone, just like that.. she started working 2nd shift. The bus dropped us off at 4:00 & mom was already gone by 2:00 each day. I became the babysitter, homework helper, and the bedtime enforcer. I hated it. My dad got home before 8:00, but he had other chores to do. I looked forward to mom’s days off so I could be free, I wanted to escape…this was my 5th grade school year!! 

My Best Advice
  • Live each moment fully, because it will be gone when the next one comes along.
  • Express ALL of your emotions without apologies! 
  • Feeling angry is okay, and being happy is great too! 
  • Our feelings are ours, they are never wrong.
  • Behaviors can sometimes be inappropriate, but can also be changed or explained. 
My Relation

My Own Addiction

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Prescription Pain Pills

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I'm in recovery.



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