Infographic: The Dangers of Holiday Drinking

by Chris Clancy

November 21, 2017


Turkeys are going in the ovens this week, and families are gathering together. There are so many wonderful things about the holiday season, but it is important to also be aware of a rising trend around dangerous alcohol overindulgence that often plays a roll in many family holiday get togethers. Reports of pressure to drink at work holiday parties, family stress, mental health episodes and more highlight the negative role that alcohol can play in the holiday season.

Blackout Wednesday

Blackout Wednesday, sometimes also called Drinksgiving, is a term trending in recent years to describe the dangerous binge drinking that is reported on the Wednesday evening prior to Thanksgiving Day. Bars are creating a culture around this day of the year– offering holiday drink specials and touting it as the “busiest night of the year.”  Compared to an average Wednesday night, beer sales spike 270% and liquor sales 114% on this unofficial holiday. What is so troubling is that the drinking holiday isn’t seeing the influx of masses like New Year’s Eve, in fact, there is only an 18% increase in the number of “checks” this night.  This would indicate that it is a small population of people purchasing large quantities of alcohol, hinting that it is, indeed, the binge drinking holiday its moniker suggests.

Stats on Binge Drinking + Thanksgiving

+BLACKOUT WEDNESDAY is a newly coined term to describe the dangerous binge drinking that is reported on the day prior to Thanksgiving

+Binge drinking typically occurs after 4 DRINKS for women and 5 DRINKS FOR MEN

+In 2014, $40 billion in alcohol sales were driven from the November and December months alone. That’s roughly 18% of the estimated $220 billion annual spend.

+Thanksgiving accounts for more traffic-related deaths than any other holiday. Nearly 54% of motor vehicle deaths on the Thanksgiving holiday report alcohol as a contributing factor.


Holiday Drinking Infographic

Hoping to highlight the dangers of holiday binge drinking, we have compiled some industry stats in a shareable infographic:

Getting Help

If you or someone you care about is suffering this holiday season, don’t wait to find help. The greatest gift you can give someone in need of drug or alcohol treatment is the gift of recovery. We are only a phone call away if you’d like to ask questions or learn more. There is never any obligation, and we’re happy to assist with a free insurance benefits assessment to see if access to drug and alcohol rehab is covered under your policy.

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