Christian Addiction Treatment Programs at JourneyPure

In order to meet the needs of patients who experience their addiction within their Christian walk, JourneyPure has developed a variety of Christian programs within its network of facilities.  These programs include both immersion and infusion programs.  Within the immersion programs, all aspects of the patients’ experience are within the Christian program. Our infusion programs offer separate Christian programming in the therapeutic aspects of their experience but patients participate within the larger treatment community.

Lighthouse Christian Addiction Treatment Program

The Lighthouse Christian Program at our Bowling Green facility in Kentucky provides patients with an immersion program for individuals seeking Christian-focused treatment services.  Options are available for both outpatient and partial hospitalization programming with housing.  Participants’ schedules, housing, treatment groups, individual sessions and community support groups are all separate and all faith-based.  Clinical services are lead by licensed professionals and are based on therapeutic decision making and grounded in the SPEARS program developed by Lighthouse Ministries.

Lighthouse Christian Addiction Treatment Program

The Lighthouse Christian Program is offered in Panama City Beach, FL. to our patients at our JourneyPure Emerald Coast facility.  At present, the program offers specialized groups and individual counseling to patients who seek Christian-focused programming.  The JPEC facility offers a full continuum of detoxification, residential, partial hospitalization with housing, and outpatient services.  Individuals who seek this program participate in separate therapeutic groups, but engage with the rest of the community for experiential services and living arrangements.  The program will be expanded as it grows to include separate housing and support activities.

Damascus Road Christian Addiction Recovery Program

The Damascus Road Christian Program is offered to patients who identify a need for Christian instruction and counseling in their recovery within our residential Serenity Network facility in Knoxville, TN.  The infusion program offers specialized groups and individual counseling as a faith-based option to patients.  The curriculum is based on Saul/Paul’s conversion to Christianity and his subsequent New Testament teachings.  Groups are gender specific and are facilitated by licensed professional counselors who are also clergy members. Additional options to participate in Bible study and worship experiences are available to program participants.