Continuing Care Throughout Recovery

by Chris Clancy

October 25, 2017

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There are several things that set JourneyPure apart in the addiction treatment industry but the number one differentiator is found in our aftercare, or continuing care model. To reduce the chance of relapse, it’s imperative that patients leave treatment with the tools they need to succeed in recovery.

Coaching Technology Keeps You on Track                    

If a patient leaves treatment and is unsupported as they transition back into their normal life, the chances of relapse increase significantly. Support looks different for everyone but can include friends, family, spouses, children, 12-step group meetings, therapists and sponsors. At JourneyPure, we add to this support community, assigning each patient a recovery coach and create a digital continuing care plan accessed through the JourneyPure Coaching™ app.

When addiction dominates a person’s life, we know their health has been neglected. During treatment, there is an acute focus on the three pillars of health: sleep, nutrition, and exercise. Healthy amounts of each are also incorporated into the recovery plan, which is individualized for each patient on the app. JourneyPure Coaching™ becomes a tool for tracking daily health and wellness goals in addition to recovery meetings, therapy sessions and other pieces of the recovery plan that is customized for each patient.

Continuing Care with Recovery Coaching

David Voges is one of the alumni coordinators whose role is to ensure his assigned patients are checking off their task list during recovery. Through weekly alumni meetings, phone calls, and texts, he keeps in contact with patients – monitoring progress on JourneyPure Coaching™ but also to lend a helping hand when needed. Voges has walked the walk, so he knows addiction first-hand and the challenges addicts face.

“It’s really cool when I form these relationships with alumni who reach out and actually ask for help,” he said. “If they’re going through something, more often than not, I’ve been through it so I just share my experience.”

If a person is struggling or feels they might relapse, they can contact him.

“My immediate response is call your sponsor, go to a meeting, pray about it,” he said. The important thing is for him to earn their trust so they are willing to reach out, a piece in his own recovery that he was missing.

“I went to treatment and relapsed and I didn’t know who to call,” he said. “I make that a very clear point to say hey if something happens, I’m here for you. I’m not here to knock you down, I’m here to bring you back up. And I’ll do everything in my power to help you.”

Alumni meetings Offer Fellowship and Hope

At JourneyPure, we want alumni to know they aren’t alone. Weekly alumni meetings allow for fellowship and an opportunity to share challenges and triumphs with others who have gone through the program. Voges said above all, attendees are inspired by seeing others stay committed to their recovery through all the bumps in the road.

“It just gives them hope. Just to know it’s possible.”

Top-notch Treatment and Continuing Care at JourneyPure

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