How Do You Know Your Husband Has a Drinking Problem?

It can be difficult to identify when your husband has a drinking problem. People with alcohol use disorders can be very clever at covering their tracks. Addiction to alcohol is as insidious as any other addiction. It will prompt the sufferer to lie and do just about anything to protect their ability to continue drinking. It takes vigilance and awareness to spot problem drinking sometimes.


But, there are certain signs that may indicate he is struggling with an AUD, including:


  • Increased tolerance for alcohol. If your husband is able to drink more without becoming noticeably drunk or impaired, it could be a sign of a drinking problem.


  • Irresponsible behaviors and risky activities while under the influence. If your husband is getting into dangerous situations such as driving while intoxicated or taking part in risky activities like gambling or using drugs, this could point to an issue with his drinking habits.


  • Loss of interest in activities and relationships he once enjoyed. Has your husband stopped participating in hobbies or spending time with friends? Is he withdrawing from family functions? These could be signs of a drinking problem.


  • Changes in mood or attitude when sober. If your husband is more irritable, argumentative, or depressed when he is not drinking, it could be a sign that alcohol has become an unhealthy coping mechanism for him.


  • Secretive or suspect behavior. If your husband is unable to explain where money has been spent or account for his whereabouts for hours or even days at a time, that can be a red flag for a drinking problem. 


  • Drunk driving or DUIs. This one may seem obvious, but you’d be amazed at the lengths someone with a drinking problem will go to in order to cover it up. They may blame a car accident on an animal crossing the road, but if other signs of drinking are there, you need to dig deeper. By the time someone actually has a DUI charge, chances are they have been drinking and driving for a while. Don’t wait. 


If you recognize any of these signs in your husband, it may be time to have a serious conversation about his health and well-being. It can be tough to confront someone about an issue like this, but showing concern and offering help can make all the difference.


Why Denial Can Be Dangerous 

Most of us don’t want to believe the worst about the people we love. Denial isn’t limited to the person with an alcohol use disorder. Often, the people closest to them will also hold onto denial on their behalf. They will choose to believe flimsy excuses and outright lies because they don’t want to accept the truth. This is nothing to feel guilty or ashamed of. It’s actually quite natural. But it is also an attitude that can lead to sorrow and even tragedy if you aren’t careful. If someone you love has a drinking problem and they aren’t acknowledging it and trying to get help, then the sooner you snap out of it, the better.


Often the drinking problem will be evident to people who are actually further removed from the person drinking because they aren’t too close to see the problem. They don’t have the burden of denial. They just witness the behavior…the signs that something is not right. Sometimes these friends and loved ones will hold their tongues out of respect for privacy though. It isn’t enough to wait for someone you trust to say something to you. 

How Can I Help My Husband with his Drinking Problem?

The truth is you can’t do it alone. It’s very, very important to accept that reality at the very beginning, or as soon as you can. Trying to help him limit his drinking or accepting that he will “cut down” is a mistake. This doesn’t mean you want to angrily confront him either though. The best course of action is to be loving, but firm and no-nonsense. Tell him you understand alcohol addiction is a disease and it isn’t his fault. 


At the same time, he does need to take responsibility for his actions and accept help. At some point, he must accept that the alcohol is stronger than his willpower. Again, it is a disease. That isn’t a criticism or an example of weakness. It’s simply an acknowledgment of the truth. Tell him you believe in him. You know that he can beat alcoholism IF he has the right help. Let him know you will be by his side all the way IF he accepts the help, but you cannot stand idly by while he continues down the path of self-destruction. 


Let’s Talk About Treatment for Alcohol Addiction

If your husband is struggling with alcohol, don’t hesitate to reach out for help. It’s ok if you’re not sure where to start–that’s what we’re here for. Even if you haven’t approached the subject with your husband yet, JourneyPure can help with advice and support. We can help you begin to put  a plan into motion to get your husband the help he needs. It’s never too late to turn a drinking problem around, but it does take outside help. Let’s start a conversation today about getting your husband some help for alcoholism. 


JourneyPure is here to help. We are available 24/7. Please give us a call at (888) 985-2207

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