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CARF Gold Seal of Accreditation

CARF Gold Seal

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Florida Alcohol & Drug Rehab

The Best In-Network Alcohol & Drug Rehab in Florida

Living with alcohol or drugs can feel like there's no way out, yet our 6K+ success stories prove you can do this! People come to our Florida rehab from all over the country because the treatment here is that good. You're in the right place to get help. (Just keep reading).

Why Treatment Here is Effective

(even if you've tried other options)

Evidence-Based Treatment

A safe environment that combines personalized medical, holistic, and clinical therapies is what works — just ask any of our thousands of success stories. While we don’t chase trends or pseudoscience, we access the latest in medical research, therapies and technology, combining it with our own data. Our treatment programs are constantly evolving to remain at the forefront of addiction medicine.

Master's-Level Staff (or Above)

Most people who work at our drug and alcohol rehab in Florida have been where you are. They’re walking examples of what it looks like to get your life back on track. Their personal experiences make them passionate about the cause. Plus, six or more years of formal education ensure they know how to get to the core of the issue, effectively treating co-occurring disorders like trauma, depression, and anxiety.

Personalized Treatment Plans

Residential treatment is extremely personal. Your time here is spent on what’s most helpful for your situation. Maybe you need marriage counseling and find purpose through religion. Maybe that’s not your thing. We’re not here to judge or make you fit into a certain box. We do whatever it takes to help you discover and strengthen who you are outside of addiction, harnessing the power of therapy and science. (Down the street is our separate Veteran and Active Military rehab addiction recovery program).

Real Results + Accountability

Our alumni app isn’t just another app. It’s a way to get rewarded for making healthy choices and reach out when you’re feeling triggered. It’s how our Alumni Life Coaches stay in touch with you for a full year and how we know you’re TWICE as likely to be sober six months after your treatment here, compared to other recovery centers.

What It’s Like at Our Florida Rehab

While no one “wants” to go to rehab, our resort-style Florida location keeps you as relaxed as possible.

  • If you’re body is physically addicted, medical detox keeps you safe and comfortable as drugs and alcohol leave your system. (It’s nothing like doing it on your own, don’t worry!)
  • Days are full of intense self-reflection, with medical care and plenty of relaxation options to avoid burnout.
  • You’re met with compassion and surrounded by people who understand what you’re going through.
  • You’ll talk about what’s going on and how you feel to get to the core of what’s driving you to use drugs or alcohol.
  • You’ll probably cry, but you’ll also laugh and form connections that will support you long after you finish inpatient treatment.
  • Living on campus is the most effective form of drug and alcohol treatment because the experience allows time for diverse, holistic treatments — including equine therapy, music therapy, yoga, family therapy and trauma therapy.
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Your Florida Rehab Team

Because of our industry-leading reputation, we’re able to select from the world’s leading addiction experts. From 24/7 nurses to a team of Master's-level therapists, you're surrounded by overwhelming support.

Dr. Timothy Gooden • MD, FASAM, DABAM

Medical Director

  • Doctorate-Level
  • Addiction Medicine
  • 36 years in the field
  • Loved One In Recovery

Jennifer Marlowe • LMHC , MS


  • Master's-Level
  • Trauma & Mindfulness
  • 20 years in the field
  • In Recovery

Edgar Cordoba Jr. • MSW

Clinical Director

  • Master's-Level
  • Veteran (Army)
  • 5 years in the field
  • In Recovery

Michelle Norris • CFNP

Nurse Practitioner

  • Masters-Level
  • Medication Management
  • 31 years in the field

Lorie Whitfield • LPN

Admissions Director

  • Licensed Practical Nurse
  • Onboarding
  • 12 years in the field
  • Loved One In Recovery

Josh Weekley • CPRS

Recovery Coach

  • Peer Support
  • 2 years in the field
  • In Recovery

Karina Chepurnyj • CAP

Social Work & Therapist

  • Psychology
  • CBT
  • 9 years in the field

Haley Ward • MCMHC


  • Master's-Level
  • Clinical
  • 5 years in the field

Miles Haas • MSW, ISSA


  • Master's-Level
  • Clinical
  • 6 years in the field

Barbara Georgouses

Specialty Therapist

  • Movement Therapy
  • 18 years in the field
  • Loved One In Recovery

Megan Whitfield • RN, LPN

Director of Nursing

  • Registered Nurse
  • Medication Management
  • 12 years in the field
The Process is Simple
Call JourneyPure
1. Make The Call

Even if you're not ready to commit to JourneyPure or not sure if you want treatment at all, talk about what's going on with someone that's been there before. You'll feel better and more informed after you call, I promise.

(844) 505-4799
2. Discuss Any Costs

Insurance covers the majority of your cost here! How much you owe depends on deductable and co-insurance rates set by each policy. Don't worry, we'll call your insruance company, then explain the details of your specific insurance policy. You can privately submit insurance information online.

(If you don't have insurance, you still have options. We can talk about that too.)

3. Start Treatment

Our locations often operate on waiting lists, but we're as accommodating as possible with the schedule. It helps to call early in your decision process and come in while you're still motivated.

The first thing you notice when you walk in is an overwhelming sense of hope and compassion. You're surrounded by people that actually understand what you're going through.

4. The Treatment Process

Intensive cognitive-behavioral therapies aren't as boring as they sound. You tackle issues hiding behind drugs and alcohol like trauma, depression or anxiety. And, you graduate feeling better than ever with a plan and a coach to help you stay on track long after treatment ends.

Treatment Here is In-Network
Aetna, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Sheild, Cigna Heath Insurances Amerihealth, United Healthcare, Humana, Tricare and 43 More Insurances
The Remaining Details

Alcohol & Drug Rehab Florida

Do I really need addiction treatment?

If you’re asking the question, the answer is almost always yes. Most people who struggle with addiction spend years trying to convince themselves—and others—that they don’t need help. Denial is a symptom of the disease, made worse by any co-occurring disorder.

Whether it’s at one of our Florida facilities or somewhere else, don’t let excuses get in the way of turning your life around.

Your cost to come here ranges from zero to a few thousand dollars, depending on your health insurance.

Each policy has different out-of-pocket maximums, co-pays, and deductibles. Don’t worry, we’ll help you understand any costs upfront.

We do everything we can to eliminate cost as an excuse to delay treatment, like offer payment plans and in-network coverage for Tricare and most private insurance policies.

We accept: Aetna, Cigna, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, ValueOptions, Cigna, Amerihealth, United Healthcare, MagnaCare, America’s PPO, ComPsych, Qualcare, Qualchoice, Coresource, WEA, Medica, Meritain, URM, and many smaller plans too. If you want to check your specific costs and coverage, just call.

Yes, you can keep your job. Yes, your family members are better off with you sober.

The positive parts of life are often used as a way to remain in denial and avoid dealing with addiction. In reality, your job is guaranteed by law and you can only be there for your family when drugs or alcohol aren’t controlling your thoughts and behaviors.

Once sober, everything gets better. Instead of clinging to old thoughts, know your future will be much more fulfilling without drugs and alcohol getting in your way.

Getting away from old environments and habits helps you look honestly at what your life has become and how to change it. That’s why around 80 percent of people who come to our Florida facilities don’t actually live in the state of Florida.

Florida is known for sunshine and healing. Pamana City specifically is a trendy town that sits on the gulf coast of North Florida, just two hours west of Tallahassee and two hours east of Pensacola. If you prefer the East coast, our Melbourne facility overlooks the Atlantic in South Florida.

You’ll be welcomed to any of our drug and alcohol rehabs in Florida with sunshine, compassion, and comfort.

It’s normal to have questions about your treatment options. We do our best to give a good look at what treatment here is all about, but addiction is a personal topic. Your exact treatment plan and healthcare coverages are specific to just you. That’s why you have access to someone on our teams 24/7.

Call to ask questions or to talk about what’s going on. You don’t have to be committed to treatment here to make the call and get some help.

Ask a question
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JourneyPure - Florida Alcohol & Drug Rehab

22219 Panama City Beach Pkwy Panama City Beach, FL 32413

People come from down the street or as far away as Alaska to get help here. (Probably because the success rates are some of the best in the country, and it's across the street from the beach).

While many people from Alabama to Tennessee drive, the ECP airport is 20 minutes away. We meet you at the airport and get you to campus safely.

After inpatient rehab, you can stay connected to medications, group and individual therapy anywhere in the country using telehealth or at a physical outpatient clinic in Tennessee, Kentucky and Florida, including Melbourne and Fort Walton Beach.

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