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Whether Journeypure is your first (and last) treatment center, or you've spent decades in and out of other facilities... here's proof you can feel better.

Hundreds of Positive Reviews

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Skig B.

Journey Pure is a very comprehensive individualized treatment program. All of the therapists at the Paducah location are passionate about helping and I am enjoying the process of recovery.

Stephanie C.

This is the first and only treatment program I ever tried. I came to JourneyPure Paducah with 20 years of using under my belt, and now I am coming up on 2 years sober. The program literally saved my life.

Ashley J.

I just celebrated 13 months of sobriety! Journey Pure helped me tremendously during early recovery! They are definitely a reason I’m still going strong.

Kevin C.

I’ve been to other centers but this one really helped me through some of my darkest and hardest times. And, they don’t forget about you. They stay in touch which is awesome and makes me feel that they care.

Susan B.

Amazing experience, more than I could have imagined. I feel whole for the first time in a long time. Everyone was there for you - nurses, providers, recovery coaches, therapists, group leaders, case managers. You are supported.

Angie M.

I was weighed down with guilt and shame from my alcohol addiction and JP showed me the way out through hard work, commitment and dedication. Going to Journey Pure was the best decision I could have made for myself and my family!

Candace S.

I came to Journey Pure with no hope of turning my life around. I didn’t believe I could get sober and lost faith in myself. I am leaving with a plan and, most importantly, faith that sobriety is possible for me. I’m forever grateful. The staff here saved my life.

Ashley C.

I have 14 months of continuous sobriety and so much gratitude. I always feel safe and welcome when I come in. Plenty of encouragement and support. Their program was exactly what I needed after tons of other treatment and without much hope left.

Katrina K.

I can finally wake up and be authentically happy for the first time in my life. If you are struggling with trauma too, you can find peace here. I found my true self while I was at Journey Pure.

Chey M.

All of the staff are the perfect mix of professional and friendly. I learned so much about myself and look at life completely different now. Everyone goes out of their way to make sure you are comfortable. I had an absolute life-changing experience here!

Mike S.

JourneyPure in Elizabethtown is something special. You will experience it if you come here. These people have become more like family. That’s what happens when you put people who really care in the position to help people.

John D.

I LOVE the people who work here. They are all about supporting me! They are available anytime you need them, and open every day so you can come in and go to group therapy which are around the clock or if you just need to talk one on one! THE BEST OF THE BEST!

Steven U.

Not only do these people know what they are doing, but they are also so compassionate. It's not just a job for them and that is evident. I was going through some really bad times (not only with substances) but with mental health. I have recommended this facility and will continue because they save lives.

Shelby N.

I love this place. They make you feel like family. They really care about each and every individual. Even when you complete the program, they still check on you to make sure you are doing good. They always try to help. And they also give you a recovery coach, she is amazing. She will guide you with the steps you need. This place and the people changed my life.

Bree M.

I enjoyed class and even asked for extra days. I feel like all of the workers truly care about you with no judgment. I'm so grateful there's an alumni meeting so that I can check in with everybody.

John B.

I went to IOP programs before, but Journey Pure was by far the most helpful. The staff and therapist actually cared, and I am in contact still to this day. I transitioned back into daily life sober and I'm still sober today.

Mcintire C.

Everyone was compassionate, professional and understanding of my addiction and its effect on my life and family. I was treated with dignity and respect. They helped me through detox, supported me throughout IOP and continue to follow up with me today.

Adam S.

I left inpatient treatment, came home to Louisville and started IOP. It was a very nice transition back to home. They helped me in a time where I needed support. My therapist was amazing and was very sad when our time was up. I wholeheartedly recommend.

Amanda L.

I knew at the time I had a problem but didn't realize just how bad it was until I worked this program. I realized I was worth more than my depression, the anger I carried, resentments, the things that I did to others and the harm I put in my body and my head. During my treatment, I learned how to love myself and that felt better than any drug I could ever do.

Caitlyn R.

Today, I am happy. I am sober and free of all the things that made me feel powerless. Today, I have joy, I have a job, a car, I have the ability to love and to let myself be loved. All this with the help of Journey Pure. These people I trust 100% and that's something I never had n my addiction.

Leah M.

I don’t know how my therapist is able to stay calm, not get annoyed one bit, and ease the anxiety but she does and she does it with love and grace. She is beyond helpful and professional.

Nick S.

They cared for me when sometimes I didn't care about myself. Anytime I needed something they would always help me. Without them, I wouldn't be the responsible adult I am today. This place saved my life.

Skip L.

To anyone reading this and debating programs, please stop looking. This is the spot you need to be. If it worked for me, I assure you it will work for you. It’ll be one of the best decisions you ever made in your life. The journey of a million miles starts with the first step. Take that first step with these folks.

Travis P.

I’ve tried other therapists before but there wasn’t a lot of involvement and the connection and trust wasn’t there like it was at JourneyPure. Groups felt like family, lots of involvement. You never felt alone. They taught me a lot and made things easy to understand and to take a step back and look at the bigger picture and the knowledge I learned in just a few days.

Eric C.

From intake, to my group therapy sessions and my therapist and my coach, I was shown love, care and support. They provided me a judgment-free environment to be honest and vulnerable. I came into the program in absolute tatters and left with my head held high.

Stephen A.

Called Journey pure at my lowest point and the very first day they helped me put myself back together with therapy and medication to help stay sober. From the lady answering the call on intake to the doctors and therapists, they all have your best interest in mind and are there to help and MAKE SURE you improve your quality of life with sobriety. I never thought I'd be 31 days sober but here I am and PROUD OF IT!

Stephen S.

They truly care and treat you with kindness and compassion. They don’t just look at you as another addict, but rather as a life that is worth saving. They helped me understand the root causes of my addiction and helped me grow as a person.

Drew C.

I can honestly say Journeypure changed my life for the better. The staff members are helpful and understanding of anything and everything that you could have gone through. Give it a chance, you won’t regret it.

Erick S.

I use many of the things I learned. The therapists are great people and care about each and every person in the program. They are very personable. They try to help you, and I bet they can.

Albert G.

The Lexington clinic helped me keep a positive routine and stay in the right mindset for a sober life. It helped me save my own life. Even after completing the program, I am still in contact. They stay with you so you never have to feel alone like you did in addiction.

Matthew G.

Almost all the staff are former addicts themselves so they truly know what you're going through and what works, listen to them. Going and getting clean with fellow addicts has made me friends that I never thought I'd have. If you need help don't wait until it's too late. Pick up the phone and call them, trust me. It's worth it and life isn't as bad as you'd think without drugs. It's actually pretty awesome.

Jason A.

After a year of consideration, I knew it was time to get help for my alcohol addiction. Journey Pure treated me with love and respect. They helped me deal with cravings and underlying issues.

Jared S.

All the staff in Bowling Green are amazing and treats you like family rather than a patient. You will not regret getting the help you deserve and the happiness that comes with it.

Lauren M.

The staff was so down to earth and genuinely cared. I never felt out of place, embarrassed, and quite honestly I didn’t want to stop when my time was up. Thank you for saving my life AND helping me bring my family back together.

Brian M.

The staff are caring...and nonjudgemental and most are in recovery themselves so they know where we've been and what we are going through.

Adriana W.

I loved this entire experience! JourneyPure Elizabethtown gave me a brighter outlook on things. Changed my mindset. Inspired me. Molded me a little more into a better me. I am grateful. I am appreciative.

Eric L.

JourneyPure really does make you feel less alone in what you're going through. Like you don't have to pretend to be okay anymore. They're there to support you no matter what.

Waid J.

I was going to lose everything. I was going to lose myself. JourneyPure knew the pain I was going through, and they knew how to solve it.

Leon B.

My mind is finally quiet. I’m able to be happy now. Not for any particular reason, I’m just happy now. That's all thanks to JourneyPure.

Erin G.

This place 100% saved my life. I came here at my worst and they helped me with open arms even though everyone else in my life had given up on me.

There will be a few bad days because detoxing is definitely not fun but they took care of me through it all. The nurses, kitchen crew, techs, therapists, all treat you like family and want to see you succeed.

I will always recommend JourneyPure and I want to thank you all for giving me hope and showing me there is a light at the end.

Elaina F.

JourneyPure was a saving grace for my recovery. From the moment I walked into their detox facility I felt safe and knew I would be cared for. The staff is incredibly professional and supportive. Their detox facility is as beautiful and accommodating as it gets. Staff is very attentive and they provide healthy, balanced, and satisfying meals. The program staff is invested in each persons recovery and really goes the extra mile to make sure each person is able to have their needs met. JourneyPure has provided me with a foundation of personal growth and recovery, and has truly changed my life!

Brennon J.

JourneyPure helped to save my life. It is a great treatment facility and I recommend it to anyone who has the disease of addiction and struggling in life. They gave me the necessary tools to help with my addiction. The staff is excellent and they really care because most of the staff has been through what we've been through with our disease. ... If you need help do not be afraid to ask for help.

Brittney W.

Journey Pure has been the greatest blessing to our family. After my family member struggled with addiction, we felt hopeless, and defeated. Thanks to Journey Pure we are no longer hopeless, and we found the perfect place for true treatment. I can not say enough kind words! Their staff, team, and doctors are all so wonderful and passionate about their work. Everyone is treated so well and I’m forever thankful to Journey Pure for their hard work, dedication, and hope they have given our family. This place is such an incredible blessing and can change your life, one step at a time.

Cassi W.

The Knoxville center was a life-changing experience for me. I finally started getting to the root of my issues. The counselors, techs & other staff were amazing.

John J.

October 25th I took a leap of faith. The VA lost me in the system and for 13 years I’ve battled the PTSD demon that only JourneyPure gave me the skills to battle and lay all that crap down. After returning from Melbourne, I resigned from the National Cemetery Administration as I can’t let go of the guilt or shame from returning from Iraq alive. I know what I need to do the rest of my life. Help Veterans along the path to walk a journey, that light to healing is JourneyPure's veteran program.

Thank You for giving me my life back.

Kasie P.

Journey Pure gave me my life back. I received top notch therapy, classes, and workouts in a beautiful facility on the beach. The food was amazing but the staff was the best part! Each staff member made a lasting impression on me and aided in my recovery. I am forever grateful for this program!

Kirk L.

They gave me my life back from being addicted to opiate. They teach you the way you need to change and the tools to use to stay clean. I loved this place, and I can say the staff treats you right, and they are nice. Journey Pure changed my life after 7 years of drug addiction, and I am still clean after leaving there 4 months ago. Love you, Journey Pure.

Mary A.

It was my first rehab. I was scared. But, this place – from intake to nurses to counselors – made it easy. They were very helpful, understanding, patient. They made it possible for me to be here 428 days later. Clean and happy. I am very grateful I choose this place. Thank u, Journey Pure.

David N.

I would give this place 10 stars if I could. I have seen many successes come out of Journey Pure. Miracles happen Every Day! Relationships restored. I would recommend this place to all my friends and family. Journey Pure seriously saved my life!!! My experience their cannot be explained as to how wonderful it was!!! The staff and counselors are great!!! The team of workers certainly have this treatment center down to a T!!!

Stephen A.

"The entire staff from the admin to the doctors and therapists, they all have your best interest in mind and are there to help and MAKE SURE you improve your quality of life with sobriety."

Travis P.

"The therapists are hands down the best. They go above and beyond and I truly felt connected, lots of involvement. You never felt alone."

Skip L.

"To anyone reading this and debating programs, please stop looking. This is the spot you need to be. "

Kyle W.

"When I arrived my family, friends and the probation officer thought there was no fixing me. They broke me down and poured pure love into you and they fixed this torn soul."

Ashlei L.

"I’ve had trauma dating back to childhood & carried burdens for 15+ years, and this place helped me FINALLY heal."

Sarah W.

"You're not a patient at JourneyPure, you're a human who has value and someone will always believe in you."

Kaylee J.

"I came close to relapsing but thankfully with my Journey Pure app I am able to see my recovery date and write my recovery coach. Thank God for both of them."

Joseph M.

"I didn’t think I would ever find a way to break the hold that addiction had over me, but they helped me develop a new routine and ways to cope with life’s problems without drugs or alcohol. You will not regret going through this program."

Anna H.

"The way they do things is different from any rehab I had ever been to. They really care, they genuinely are concerned with you and your well-being."

Richard W.

"The follow up is truly genuine. My Coach tracks my progress through an app on my phone on a daily basis and I feel like there's still someone I can turn to if I need help - that security is important to me."

Tony L.

"JourneyPure has been the turning point of my life. They take the time to evaluate and counsel to give each person just what they need to succeed. They went above and beyond to help me."

Kim B.

"The moment I walked in the front doors until the day that I left, I was treated with so much love & respect! The staff was nothing short of amazing & I actually didn’t want to go home! I will forever be grateful for my experience."

Lindsey H.

"The coaches really care about you. It’s been over a year and they still make sure I’m doing ok."

Shelly J.

"This isn't just a rehab center. Journey Pure ensures you are mentally, physically and spiritually well. I was able to break free (thank you horses) and find out things about myself. I worked through mental barriers I never thought I could break."

Elizabeth C.

Journey Pure is the best thing that happened in my life. It opened up a new life. I couldn't get through sobriety without the caring staff at Journey Pure Louisville!

Katie B.

Great experience. Everyone was so helpful. I personally love Rachel and PJ. Thanks for helping me with my life.

Chris M.

Everyone at JourneyPure Louisville was compassionate, professional and understanding of my addiction and its effect on my life and family. I was treated with dignity and respect at all times. The staff helped me through the difficult process of detox, supported me throughout my intensive outpatient program and continues to follow up with me today. JourneyPure Louisville freed me from the chains of active addiction and saved my life. I am now beginning to discover how to live without drugs. Thank you, JourneyPure!

John B.

I attended Journey Pure intensive outpatient program in April of this year for 7 months. I had been to other IOP programs before, but Journey Pure was by far the most helpful. The staff and therapist actually cared about your recovery. I am in contact with most of them still to this day. If it wasn't for Journey Pure helping me transition back into daily life sober, I don't know if I'd still be sober today. I recommend this to anyone serious about getting clean and sober and staying clean and sober!

Angela B.

My fiancé was a patient at Journey Pure. The way his life is today is a far cry from what it was when he entered. I'm forever grateful to this place for giving him the tools to thrive and for giving me my fiancé back.

Kaelin G.

There's not a bunch of options in Louisville for IOP, but if there were, Journey Pure would be the best regardless. I had such a great experience with all the therapists. Stephanie, Rachel and Sarah were all wonderful and I learned so much about myself here rather than just about addiction. I came here post-rehab and I'm so glad I did. I was held accountable through drug tests and JP always called to make sure I was okay if I was running late. There's also follow up where you can visit on Thursdays and the staff checks in consistently after you're completed. If God forbid I ever relapsed, I'd definitely make it back here.

e hicks

Caring and professional high-quality care.

Laurie S.

JourneyPure at the river and JourneyPure IOP Nashville literally saved my life. Both were unlike any other treatment program I attempted in the past. These people sincerely care about what they do, and the people they are there to help. From the admission process, before I ever showed up at the river, to the financial dept, continuing care planner, recovery coaches and their medical dept, these people are true professionals. My IOP experience has literally changed my life. My therapist, Doug, facilitated our groups in such a way that true emotional and spiritual healing started and still continues. Lizzie and Sherry also helped at times with our groups, and are also wonderful at bringing about real change. If anyone is searching for a first shot at recovery, or just feel you need to try recovery again, look no further than JourneyPure. I promise you will not regret this blessing at a new way to live!


The staff is amazing from start to finish.


This place has given me the strength and courage to successfully beat the monster I was dealing with (aka addiction).


Phenomenal staff - helpful, full of hope and inspiration.

Matthew G.

Awesome recovery center. I went in October-November last year and am still clean. They do IOP at this location with the notorious Miss Jackie. They have an awesome staff. Almost all are former addicts themselves, so they truly know what you're going through and what works. Listen to them, and you'll be alright. Going and getting clean with fellow addicts has made me friends that I never thought I'd have. If you need help getting clean, don't wait until it's too late. Pick up the phone and call them. Trust me, it's worth it. Life isn't as bad as you'd think without drugs. It's actually pretty awesome :)

Bree M.

I absolutely recommend JourneyPure! I've enjoyed going to class and even asked for extra days. I'm so grateful there's an alumni meeting I can attend so that I can check in with everybody. I feel like all of the workers truly care about you with no judgment. This facility has truly helped me keep it positive mindset.

Richard S.

If you are ready to surrender, this is the place to do it! The staff here never gave up on me. Even when I was a jerk! They truly saved my life and gave me new hope. I now have a new family. Just take the first step, they will help you with the rest.

Joseph Z.

This is a very overdue review. JourneyPure had such a profound influence on my road to recovery I felt the need to leave a review. This place's greatness starts from the top and trickles down. The owner is truly amazing and helped me tremendously when I was there. His number one priority is making the best rehab out there and truly cares about the clients. They went way above and beyond to try and help me in my recovery when I was there. Most rehabs are all about the money and JourneyPure is not like that at all. They have a truly unbelievable staff, from the counselors to the techs. I know that this review might seem over the top great, but it's because it's true. The counselors are mostly in recovery and get down to root issues and not just superficial nonsense. I learned so much about myself from the staff here. The living grounds are possibly the best part. You can go on their website and see for yourself. The place is absolutely beautiful. It's located right on the river. The grounds are landscaped very nice. The main house is really nice and has a home-y feel to it. Everyone lives in awesome cabins located around the main house, each with a bedroom, bathroom, living room and kitchen. They also let you go food shopping to stock your cabin with food and drink. There is cable TV in the living room. I highly recommend this place to anyone seeking to overcome their addiction/alcoholism. I can almost 100% assure you will have a fantastic experience.

Kelsey L.

This rehab saved my life. I would recommend it to ANYONE struggling with the disease of addiction/alcoholism, of any age. It was the best experience of my life being able to become clear-minded, find out about myself, about the program and work with others. They took me out to horseback riding and even took us places if we needed anything (I needed a new pair of glasses and they made it happen! ). The staff is incredible. From the counselors to the techs. It's one big family, and I have forever friends from being there. I stayed as long as they recommended, and I miss it all the time!

Jeff K.

This place saved my life. After over 10 years of bouncing in and out of numerous treatments, I was finally able to find the one place that cared about the individual just as much as the group as a whole. I would recommend to anyone struggling with the pain that is addiction. There is a way out, and JourneyPure can help you get there.

Conor H.

I went here in 2015 and just celebrated another year sober. Making the decision to go to JourneyPure was the best decision of my life. When I got there I was lost and didn't have a clue what I was getting myself into. The staff guided me in the right direction. I have my life back today and have never been happier in my life. The staff truly, truly cares about you and your well-being. They will go above and beyond to help you IF you are willing to help yourself. This place gave me everything I needed to get sober, and I love them for that.

Jeanie C.

This place saved my life, and I was able to focus on myself in a safe environment. They walked me through the most difficult times in my life, step-by-step with compassion, empathy and care. I would strongly recommend this place to anyone! I am able to live life without fear & guilt. Today, I can feel my heart. <3

Jose D.

Journeypure Rehab located in Florida changed my life. I would recommend to anyone who is struggling with addiction. My experience there was unique. The staff is extremely professional, experienced with addiction, knowledgeable, and caring. There I learned critical skills in order to stay sober in my life outside the facility. I had one-on-one sessions with the assigned counselor multiple times a week. I was able to work on major trauma with EMDR and one-on-one sessions with the medical director. There were meetings every night in the main house where other alcoholics/addicts would share their experience, strength, and hope. The facility is awesome. It was very laid back and very organized. The weekend events are good too. I will suggest anyone to go to JourneyPure rehab. Great place to get your life back together.

Cal N.

I went here in December of 2015. Unfortunately, I have been to over 20 other rehabs prior to my stay at JourneyPure. I can honestly say that in all areas JourneyPure is is a cut above the rest. Upon my arrival to the beautiful resort-like campus, the members of the professional, caring staff greeted me and each treated me with respect and a gentle approach. The actual treatment was unlike anything I had ever received before. They helped me to identify core issues that have kept me returning down the dark road of addiction for almost 20 years. I was able to work through these issues through therapy. While working the recovery program, the caring staff was always available to offer help and support. They helped me reach a place where I was comfortable in my own skin without drugs, confident about staying sober, and happy for the first time in years. Another amazing thing about JourneyPure was the way you live while you are there. The amenities are out of this world and really helped me to feel good and played a part in lifting me up at a time when I was really down inside. The resort-style setting, individual cabins where you can really get settled in and feel comfortable with privacy, a beautiful landscape of tropical plants, a fire pit and a pool. I am so glad I went here. I stayed in the area after finishing treatment but plan to visit home soon to enjoy the once damaged family relationships that have been mended with the help of the JourneyPure counseling and staying in sobriety. I have my job back that I lost as a direct result of my addiction, and I am working hard living a positive and productive life surrounded by great supportive friends. I would recommend the program for anyone that is looking for help.

Steve K.

I would strongly recommend this rehab center to anyone who is struggling with addiction. The program is well designed. The staff is extremely professional, experienced with addiction, knowledgeable, and caring. This place has taught me how to live sober and armed me with critical tools to stay sober in the real world. I enjoyed finding a sponsor while in treatment and working through the Big Book with someone my age. There were AA meetings every night in the main house where other alcoholics/addicts would share their experience, strength, and hope. On a side note, the food is amazing and the weekends are filled with beach time and fun activities. I give JourneyPure five (5) STARS and hope other people get to experience this gift!

Bill F.

Even though it's not brand new nor luxury, this rehab in FL is definitely safe, comfortable and picturesque. Great food and plenty of it, and I was as nutritious as wanted to be and went to a very nice gym to work out. I had been to six rehabs prior to here, but none with the clinical and overall staff having the compassion, experience, knowledge and time for me of those at this rehab. They not only focused on my alcoholism and addiction but also behavioral health issues, such as my now long-since-gone anxiety & depression. Extremely hands-on approach toward substance abuse (in my case alcohol and cocaine addiction). They do there what other drug and alcohol recovery centers expected me to do when I left rehab, such as get a sponsor and heal my family. Very suggestive and compassionately relentless interaction with families (when productive toward Recovery, eg. a friend of mine while there had a boyfriend at home who was abusive & toxic so was kept out of the process). Definitely not hospital nor institutional setting so if elderly, unable to walk/get around or have acute medical needs outside of alcohol or drug addiction probably not your place. On Saturdays, I went on a deep-sea fishing trip, horseback on the beach, kayaking, bowling and just relaxed at the pool a few times. I remember being resentful I didn't get to golf but taught me to put things into perspective and deal with disappointment. I saw two patients discharged for not following some reasonable rules after multiple warnings - you have to really screw up to be discharged prematurely as they seem more therapeutic than punitive. There seemed to be a nice variety of patients of different ages and from different geographic locations across the U.S. which gave me different perspectives and ways of looking at things. I was one of only about two dozen people so avoid if you want to get lost in a crowd and have a short predetermined stay in rehab. This rehab gave me the individual/personalized attention and the time there that I needed. I've not only been clean & sober for over a year now, but more importantly, I have not been thirsty and enjoy every day (even the bad ones). If you follow their guidance, you'll have a 100% chance of success. Thank you (!) I would rate a 5 but I reserve that for AA and my Higher Power :)

Rafael S.

I've been to a lot of facilities. I went to JourneyPure in Bowling Green, Kentucky and it was an experience that I would never forget. A positive one. People that cared and work with you even though sometimes I was stopping. These people have patience. Your work through the problems in our situations. Sarah the administrator, Joe my counselor, Lauren and many more to mention. I will highly recommend this. It's an experience that will make you grow. After that, I got to say thank you and may God bless you guys! Chef Rafael Sanchez

Luis D.

I can always trust that they put the clients needs first above all, and they have many options within their system. Our loved ones are not insurance policies and JourneyPure gets that.

Kelli S.

On my third attempt at rehab, I tried Journey Pure. I had already decided on a spiritual approach. Turns out they have a spiritual approach. What I needed was the mirror put in my face. These guys not only did that, but they did it with such compassion and empathy that it helped me learn how to walk through my lifes' struggles. Due to their firm philosophies and loving hearts, I'm actually living life and loving it! I am forever grateful for the lessons I learned that have become tools in my sobriety toolbox. I love you guys!

Nikki J.

journey pure at the river (Murfreesboro, TN) saved my life. such amazing staff ????

Peyton M.

I have almost 13 months clean & sober. I am so confident in this program. I loved it!!

Garrett E.

80 days sober today. Journey Pure Bowling Green has given me back my life. I would recommend this facility to anyone truly looking to change their lives

Jersey Dad

Hoping all is well with JP. Just an update on life around here, May marked a couple of milestones for me. I gave my first of 3 girls hands in marriage on the 3rd and the 8th marked 1 1/2 years of sobriety for me. I am still most grateful for the fine work that all of the staff at JourneyPure does on a daily basis. Please know that all of your efforts are so worthy. Love and greetings to all that may remember me. Have the Best day! Much love always. Thank You all again. You made my life. P.S. I miss those Sunday morning doughnut deliveries.

Andrew H.

5-star staff & facilities. Caring teams dedicated to treating their patients. Would recommend.

Madeline C.

Places like JourneyPure are hard to come by. This facility truly changed my cousin's life and I support everyone's decision to come here.

Buck E.

Outstanding facility that caters to individual needs. They provide the resources needed to achieve lasting sobriety.

Dee K.

I just wanted to say my gratitude for you and all the staff in Panama City Beach, Florida is just off the hook tremendous! God answered my prayers better then I could have imagined. Having my son come to you guys, I am forever grateful for that. If there is ever any service we can do for y'all we would be honored. You all gave him the tools to know how to live sober and a day at a time! Please tell Keith, Bob, Dr. Dave, Loretta and all the other wonderful people how thankful we are and how each one of you touched his life to give us the best version of our son love and prayers to all. God Bless.

Danny B.

This rehab provided me guidance toward developing an understanding of drug and alcohol addiction and, most significantly, the importance of a relationship with my higher power. Honestly, there is no counselor or therapist at JP Florida that did not play a crucial role in my recovery. Everyone here affected me in a special and significant way. God worked through them all to reach me just as I needed at just the right moments. While I rate JP Florida a 5 here, that does not do justice to my experience. I found God at this place. I have peace and a path to purpose that I've never had in my life. I have an optimism for the future that I've never had before. How do you put a number on that? 5, I reckon.

Sammie S.

Place saved my life!! Mike Henry is the best!!!!! They actually care and make sure you're comfortable!! I have over 5 1/2 years b/c of this place.


Excellent programs, dedicated staffers and cutting edge, evidence-based treatments.

Erik C.

I came here a broken man with no clue how I would ever stop using drugs and alcohol. The caring staff gave me an answer and a way to stay clean and sober. It wasn't the answer I was looking for, but it was the start to my new life and I haven't look back since. Thank you for showing me how to live again.

Rob H.

Thank you to all of the wonderful staff at Journeypure Rehab for providing Debbie an opportunity and the tools for a hopefully lifelong transition to sobriety, health and happiness (!) Rob

Michael R.

This place has saved my life. Staff is amazing, and the whole vibe of the place makes everyone nice. If you want to be free, I highly recommend JourneyPure. They can teach you a lot and are always on your side.

Mark B.

I can fully say that JP rehab saved my life. The way their program is done and taught and guided me to come to an understanding of myself and my addiction that I can live the life I get to enjoy fully. I get to clean the wreckage of my past thanks to JourneyPure.

Jeffery H.

JourneyPure rehab is an incredible place to begin the recovery process if that is what you honestly want to do. I have been in and out of rehabs many times. This place has helped me see that even though I have relapsed before, it is never too late to stop the cycle of suffering that has kept me sick for so many years. Their caring, compassionate staff is awesome, and they helped me help myself by separating from my addiction and laying the foundation I need to maintain a clean and sober lifestyle. Most of all, JourneyPure has helped me by teaching me that there is a much better way to live, and I am very grateful for that! Jeff H.

Brittany W.

I can honestly say that JourneyPure rehab has saved my life. I've been to a few rehabs but none of them approached the solution like this place has. This is an action program & they have you putting forth action while being in treatment. I 100% recommend this place for sure! The techs are great, the counselors are phenomenal & the food is delicious. They genuinely care. I was guided on where to go even after treatment. This place was a blessing for sure!

Tim H.

The experiential therapy program is the best program offered out there right now.

Morgan H.

I don't really know what to say about JourneyPure other than it was an experience...a miricale in my life that words can not describe. I found love, life, happiness, friendship...Yes, that all came along with anger, sadness, and all those feelings we think are yucky. I don't just consider this place just another rehab. It was the place that taught me how to live even when I felt like giving up. It was my home. It was my outlet. It was my family. It gave me a purpose for living. And, really, together, we redefined freedom...Oh my gosh, do I feel it every day :) I am so lucky and thankful.

Sarah C.

This place saved my life. I'm forever grateful to the staff. I highly recommend JourneyPure to anyone needing help! I loved that we did DBT therapy. That helped me so much.

Katie B.

This group of people saved my life. Everything was seamless and easy from admissions to intake and treatment. They provided excellent support upon discharge. They're committed to helping people recover and overcome addiction. There wasn't one member of the staff that wasn't extremely helpful and compassionate. If you're thinking about treatment for yourself or a loved one, this is a solid choice and I'd recommend them all day long.

Madyson N.

Keoni was there. Enough said.

Breanna V.

My experience at JourneyPure was absolutely incredible. I came into admissions with all my good spirits lost and immediately all of the staff looked at me with compassion and treated me with kindness. I am at loss for words with how accommodating JourneyPure is. No matter what you come in there with, they make sure you feel at home here. It makes a difference in your recovery. My mom found this place for me, and I am forever grateful to be a part of JourneyPure Alumni. Emily keeps up with you via email, text and JourneyPure App after you leave the establishment. Each staff member honestly cares and wants you to succeed in your recovery. The houses you get to stay in are clean and beautiful. I highly recommend JourneyPure as your rehabilitation if you are desiring recovery. God bless each and every one of you. I will pray for each and everyone's recovery.

Rustan C.

Quality counseling. Amazing staff with which I still have relationships to this day. Clean and comfortable facilities. Most importantly, many success stories from here. Being one myself, I would highly recommend JP to anyone in need of help for addiction.

Elizabeth T.

This place is so wonderful... the staff included. I couldn't have asked for anything better. Beautiful, comfy and well the whole experience was amazing.

Jamie V.

Journey Pure was amazing, beautiful, serene, peaceful and did nothing short of save my life. Coming into the program, I was skeptical as are many, I'm sure. But, I quickly began to enjoy and crave the structure, the discipline, the education, the exercises (both the mental and physical), and the fun. Yes, I said FUN. Upon entering, I began my countdown which seemed to creep by. But, I assure you, it flew by way too fast. Although I found myself excited (and well prepared) to go home and begin my new journey, I must admit I was now hating to begin missing many new friends I had made and grown to love. But, I will only miss them briefly because we are now each starting to re-enter the real world. We still keep in contact and maintain our new, healthy friendships we made with one another. We can continue our new journeys together!! P.S. The RC's aren't there to be your friends. They're there to help you live healthily and succeed. LOL. (Although, you will quickly love them and realize they are, in fact, what true friends are really about). And, I know the EARLY 1st thing in the morning exercises really seem to suck, but the pound aka drumming class with Julie is frickin awesome!!

Ben B.

Lord knows I would be lost if it wasn't for the pure love and care I received at Journey Pure. Today, I walk with my head held high.

Harold L.

JourneyPure is by far the best treatment facility in the southeast! Great owners, great staff and top of the line treatment!

Austin H.

Amazing facility, great staff.

Leah T.

Journey Pure saved my life. I was fortunate enough to be a resident there this past fall. One of my biggest fears initially was detox. I was absolutely amazed at how little any adverse symptoms took place during the process. From the very minute I arrived to the very minute I left, the staff was absolutely amazing. The grounds at JP are both beautiful and well-maintained. Each building on campus was decorated beautifully! The houses there were very spacious with beautiful living areas and well-stocked kitchens. The bedrooms were very roomy along with large bathrooms and showers. I would highly recommend JP to anyone struggling with addiction. They truly are a dual diagnosis facility. I left there with the tools I needed to maintain long term sobriety. Thank you to JP for saving my life!

Candi H.

I can't express, as a patient, how much love and support, I felt from the staff at JourneyPure. I'll admit, I wasn't the easiest patient to deal with. It's hard giving up what you have used for so many years to numb not only the physical pain but mental and emotional pain too. The staff was firm when they needed to be, but in a way that I knew it was because they cared. I'm a chronic pain patient. This month I'm 10 months clean from ALL pain medications. I was in active addiction for more than 8 years. I never thought that I would ever be able to live without my crutch for a day much less 10 months. It still shocks me!! I credit this staff for helping me process losing my sister when I had only been in treatment for two weeks. I learned during that time, if I could stay clean through one of the things I feared the most, I could stay clean taking it day-by-day and sometimes minute-by-minute. I will tell you right now, I love each and every one of the staff that walked beside me - sometimes pushing me from behind and other times carrying me through my 90 days at JourneyPure. If you truly want to get clean or you're a family member helping a loved one to become clean, JOURNEYPURE is where you or your loved one can get their life and future back...

Phyllis H.

I do not know where to begin on how WONDERFUL JourneyPure in Murfreesboro, TN was to me during my brief stay in May 2018. Let me just say, I didn't have a clue what to expect BEFORE I started researching facilities. I made that FIRST phone call, and I was hooked (no pun intended) in the most positive way! Sure enough, I admitted myself to the BEST addiction treatment facility anywhere around. I did my homework and researched for MONTHS before I decided upon a place that was feasible for me and my particular needs and that my insurance would cover. If I can pay it forward and save somebody else the time and anguish of looking for a treatment center for addiction, PLEASE contact me. I will be HAPPY to explain my experience at JP. I won't go over every detail on this review. But, I will say that the FIRST phone call was with absolutely the BEST person my husband and I ever talked to about anything. She walked us through the process without a hiccup. This superwoman even texted us minute to minute until I arrived to ensure us that I wasn't ALONE. My first and only night in detox was incredible because the staff took care of all of us in the most caring, compassionate and competent manner possible. Then I moved to the residential setting and that is where I learned so much from the staff, as well as my roommates. It was truly a bonding experience. I was fortunate in that I did not have any underlying or dual-diagnosis besides the physiological dependence on opioids due to a roller coaster accident, but this place worked with me on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) skills that I think would be EXCELLENT for anybody to have. For those of us with addiction issues, JourneyPure is the place to be without a doubt!!

Tonya S.

Saved my life. Thank you!!

Scott G.

This place saved my life. The team that helped me get in was very helpful and showed that they really care. They made the detoxing portion 10x easier to deal with than trying cold turkey. The programming has an excellent balance of class and activities. I learned so much there, including the ability to cope with life. They've set me up for success with a boatload of tools, and the team they have to support your recovery is amazing. Thanks, JourneyPure!

Buck E.

Amazing place with wonderful facilities!!!


Great counseling. Great facilities. Great people!

Zach W.

Great people at the Journey Pure! would highly recommend to anyone wanting a positive recovery experience.

Corbin R.

Best inpatient treatment I've been to. Great staff and good activities. Even went kayaking one day. Good recovery there, great people. Thanks, Journey Pure!

Thomas R.

I would highly recommend this treatment facility to anyone. They were very upfront about costs and insurance. The facility is very nice and on a beautiful piece of land with forest, horses and a river. The best part about this place hands-down was the staff really cares about their patients. The recovery coaches and therapists helped me get through the anxiety that comes with early recovery. I learned a lot about myself and about different tools I can use in sobriety. Big shout out to the aftercare coordinator who helped me get set up with a sober living program after treatment and still keeps in touch with me to this day.

Joanne P.

This place saved my son and our family! Awesome counselors and staff. After 9 years of multiple facilities, we found JourneyPure. One year later my son is clean and doing well. Thank you JourneyPure.

Kyle Y.

I am truly indebted to Journeypure for not only saving my life but for having a strong program and teaching me how to use specific tools that are essential in my everyday life and recovery. When I say they (Journeypure) saved my life, this is what I mean...during my first week, while in detox, my heart rate dropped to 44 bpm. I was told by the treating provider that 44 bpm was critically low. I feel that it's a good thing that I was there going through the detox instead of attempting it at home or somewhere else. I can only imagine where I would be right now if it were not for the caring clinical staff and a higher power looking over me during this critical time in my life. During my stay at JourneyPure, I learned a lot about myself through group and one-on-one therapy sessions. During my stay and after several therapy sessions, I began to forgive myself and others. Another great thing I learned is how to apply the set of spiritual tools in my everyday affairs. The spirituality that was instilled in my daily living and recovery allows me to live one day at a time and to have realistic expectations of myself and others. I feel JourneyPure sets out to instill a set of values in each and every individual. During my stay, I thoroughly enjoyed the organic food and Journeypure's holistic approach to recovery. I loved it so much when it came time for me to move on to my next step, I begged them to stay longer.

Sam W.

JourneyPure saved my life! I have been to treatment multiple times and seen all spectrums, and this is the best program I have experienced! The groups are led by trained professionals and not just techs. Also, it has a lot of diversity that allows different types of group settings which helped me to stay engaged. Equine and adventure groups were crazy fun, and I truly found myself. It is what u put in it and this place made it easy to give my all. Thanks, JourneyPure I am forever grateful!

Adam H.

Good people. Good plan. Glad I gave them a chance.

Seth K.

Thorough and mindful approach to recovery with emphasis on self-care and boundary issues. Looking forward to growing every day with the continued help and care of these guys

Shay S.

Very good place for recovery and having a new state of mind. The staff is friendly and willing to help with anything. Recommend!!

Freida M.

My experience there was above and beyond. At times now I wish I could go back again for a few weeks. Just to have that atmosphere around me again. I wish that I could go back to the house that I was assigned to before and just take in the meditation, classes and all the structure to help me find myself again. There's not any problem with getting back on the meds. It's more for the mental aspect of things. Most all counselors were wonderful and I learned to deal with things in such an awesome way. I would recommend the program to anyone that's wanting / needing help to get there lives back on track.

Anthony G.

JourneyPure is a very solid place for residential treatment. All the staff there are very kind and there to help. My therapist was amazing, very understanding and had great solutions to my problems. Equine therapy and kayaking were very conducive to my recovery!!!!!!!

Nick K.

This is a great place if you really wanna get clean. The pictures are what they look like. It's a beautiful place with lots of activities, beautiful river scene. You can go kayaking and fishing. The staff really does care. They're always there and staff will come in if they're not there or off work if you need them. Very accommodating! Recommend it if you're serious about getting help.

Gregory U.

I appreciate everything that Journey Pure gave me. They helped me find myself again, and I'm excited about the new life I can live. Thank u.

Carly U.

This place saved my life. I've now been clean for going on 7 months. I couldn't have done it without the support of the staff. I would recommend it to everyone!

Brian A.

I was in bad shape before I came here. This place changed my life!!!! They reminded me who I was outside of being an addict. Every single person here really cared about me and helped me get my life together. They still follow up with me to this day (over 9 months later). I had been to 3 other treatment centers before (multiple times each). JourneyPure is what made the difference. Thank you for each and every one of you!!!!! I wouldn't be here without you (literally).

Chase C.

I would like to take a moment out of my day and give a little praise where praise is due. My name is Chase C. and I went through this program not just once, but twice. My first time was a little over a year ago. After crawling in there with my head hung low, I learned a lot in my 30 days there. I played on the river. I groomed horses. But, most importantly, I learned a lot about myself and my disease. I graduated from the program and flew across the country. Unfortunately, I was drunk in a week. (Y'all know how quick down the rabbit hole we can fall). Six months later, I was broken. I had a head full of AA and knew what I needed to do. I called up Journey Pure, and they said they had a bed. I was reluctant to go back because I felt sure I would be looked at as what not to do. LET ME JUST TELL YOU, not only was I met with hugs and acceptance, but the staff remembered my name. They said, "Welcome home, Chase." They let me cry my tears and did not judge. The whole experience at the river is life-changing. The staff encourages you to be ok with not being ok. Most of them are in recovery themselves, so they relate. They've been there. They follow up with you even when you're across the country! Journey Pure is and will always be where my journey began and for that I am grateful! I would recommend Journey pure at the River for anyone suffering from addiction. P.S. Shout out to the amazing aftercare staff Emily, Kyle and Brandi!

Lexi R.

Journey Pure and their staff completely turned my life around. I am forever thankful for the resources and coping skills they taught me. I was 4-5 months pregnant while in treatment, and they always took care of me and my mental/physical health. I now live a life I never thought I was worthy of having with my son who will never know his mother as an addict. I never thought I would miss rehab like I do. I'm now coming up on 10 months clean. An absolute life-changing experience.

Savannah C.

"You feel the love as soon as you walk in. It's nothing like other rehabs I've been to. They truly care and work with each person."

Jenna M.

I'm forever grateful for everyone at JP! They saved my life!! Such an amazing program!

Shelley F.

Journey Pure gave me a lot of tools and put me on the right path. Everyone at this place is absolutely amazing. I will forever be grateful for everyone I met there and everything I learned.

Daniel T.

I liked the individual consoling from my therapist as well as the tools given to continue my recovery after leaving. Also, I enjoyed the laid back atmosphere of the facility. I had some stressful moments, but the staff worked with me on an individual basis to work through them which, of course, helped in the long run.

Amanda B.

I was only in the detox unit several days. I had multiple anxiety attacks to which the staff was very calming and caring. One staff member even offered to pray with me after I shared my faith journey with her. The staff was beyond accommodating, making sure I was all set to go to my next stop. They even made sure I got to the bus on time. If I ever had to do it again I would return to JP. Dr. Scales was my psychiatrist and went beyond to make sure I got proper care.

Jake B.

I cannot speak highly enough of this facility and its staff. I spent close to 60 days here and it truly was life saving and changing. I always felt like my needs were met, and never felt like my voice was ignored. This is not a passive program, and I was encouraged and challenged to actually work a program of recovery and that gave me a leg up once I left treatment. They give you the skills and tools to build a strong foundation for your recovery, but they will not do it for you. This is an active program and as long as you actively participate in every aspect of this program, it will change your life. The staff were incredibly supportive in guiding me through early recovery. From group and individual therapy to equine and adventure sessions, the folks there coached me, challenged me, and supported me every step along the way. If you are looking for a place to get help and start fresh on your journey, this is the place for you.

Alexander W.

"They make you feel comfortable and cared for while also helping you process your grief and trauma. 5/5, would go back if I needed to (but I don't because they rock)."

C. Heath

This place saved my life! I highly recommend it as it was my fourth treatment center! I'm sober now for the first time - 100 days! Great staff in medical and recovery coaches. They treat the mind, body and spirit. I loved the exercise, yoga, kayaking and equine.

Annabel K.

Very pleased with my stay at Journey Pure. All of the staff and clinicians were incredibly kind and helpful to me. Although I experienced some difficulties from the medical department, they were very responsive to my concerns and rectified the situation in a timely manner. Would definitely recommend to anyone seeking treatment for addiction. Thank you!

Chilly Billy H.

JourneyPure saved my life! I have now been clean and sober over 10 months and JP was the catalyst! The staff, programming and facility got me on the right track! I will forever be grateful to JourneyPure for changing and literally saving my life! I still use the JP aftercare app daily and apply the principles I learned at JP! Thank you!!!

Aaron P.

Warm, understanding, lenient. You are treated as a human being with a sickness, not just another person in the grips of addiction. Excellent techs, teachers and therapists. Highly recommend.

Joseph M.

If you are struggling with addiction, if you really want to stop but feel like you just can't do it, do not hesitate to call JourneyPure. They are a fantastic group of people who really care about helping each and every person that walks through their doors. I didn't think I would ever find a way to break the hold that addiction had over me, but soon after getting there, I was able to see how powerless I was. They helped me develop a new routine and ways to cope with life's problems without drugs or alcohol. I can't say enough good things about this place. If you are really ready to stop, you will not regret going through this program. A+++

Jacob T.

If it weren't for Lauren Anderson and the incredible staff at JourneyPure Bowling Green, I wouldn't be alive and able to type this message. Going to treatment, I was super anxious (on top of just having had DTs from alcohol withdraw for a week in detox). I didn't know what to expect. I was welcomed with open arms, and my life has been forever changed. If you think you have a substance or alcohol abuse problem...please give them a call!!! Tell Lauren that JT sent you! :)

David H.

If you want to go to a place that really cares about their patients, this place is great for rehab. The staff is professional and wants you to succeed. They assist you in a great recovery plan once you complete the program and provide a professional coach and app to assist you daily. I highly recommend this facility.

Isaac R.

Very good facility. Had great techs, teachers and therapists. Great aftercare program. Would recommend to anyone having problems with addiction.

Matthew H.

JPBG gave me the tools to turn my life around! The staff there genuinely care about your recovery, both physically and mentally. Their commitment to helping you get the most out of stay with them (and after with their continuing care) puts them ahead of the rest in my opinion!

Lisa M.

This was my 4th rehab. I can truly say this was by far the best rehab I've been to. Thanks to Journey Pure and the staff ,my life has changed for the best. I'm 15 months clean and feeling great. The staff are so wonderful and made me feel right at home. They still keep in touch with me to make sure I'm OK. Thank you Journey Pure for helping me change my life around for the best. I love each and every one of y'all!!!

Jose M.

JP changed my world and allowed me to get me angry at myself. That was what I needed more than anything. I was able to reset my thinking and finally believe in myself because I deserved it. I started my path of redemption 01 JUN 18. I cannot thank the team enough for the life I love today. It's nowhere near what I thought it'd be. I haven't had the ability to say no confidently for years. Now, it's soo easy. I have one thing to say about JP, I owe you my life and I will never forget it! 1 year mark of living life on life's terms is in 1 week!!!

Jon S.

I went to JP this January and was there for the full 30 days. The people in the office were top-notch. The therapist and techs were also amazing. They care so much about the lives of others and how addiction affects us. I wouldn't recommend any other treatment facility. If u want a second, third or 100th chance, saving your life starts with u giving JP a call! They saved my life.

Kayla H.

My husband entered this rehab once 3 years ago. They put him back on his feet and guided him in the right direction. 2.5 years later my husband relapsed. The night I found him, I instantly called Journey Pure. They remembered my husband and welcomed him with open arms, ready to set him back on his feet and direct him back to the right path. If it wasn't for JPBG I wouldn't have my husband with me today. They have saved him twice now. I am forever grateful for this place and their staff.

Chris H.

I have 414 days of sobriety today, and my journey started at JP in Bowling Green. The staff are awesome and equipped me with the tools I needed to start living life on life's terms. Thanks!

Andy B.

During my stay, I enjoyed a level of comfort and care that I did not experience anywhere else. I felt an awakening that let me move forward into a sober life, 7 months and counting. That is better than anything I have experienced before. I was cared for and nurtured in a way I felt (at the time) that I didn't deserve. I couldn't wish for a better place to have jump-started my recovery from alcoholism.

Carter D.

This place changed my life for the better. Hands down the best place you can go to for help in recovery. I love this place with all my heart and cherish everything I learned from the great and friendly staff that works there!

Zack S.

I've been to a couple of different facilities. This one, by far, was my favorite. From the classes to the techs, to the environment and the rest of the staff. You can tell the staff truly cares about you and are willing to help with whatever situation they can. I'd highly recommend them to anyone seeking a new way of life

Chris B.

Gave my daughter back her dad! Enough said.

Tim M.

This place was GREAT! I feel like they helped me with much more than I expected.

Terry F.

Great place. I learned much here about my addiction. I feel I now have the tools to control it. They have great staff and living is top-notch.

Seth M.

Very pleasant. Learned a lot.

Anthony J.

I was so happy with the people here. They were caring but they also pushed me past my comfort zone. Plus the food was great!

Kim H.

Overall JourneyPure in Bowling Green was a very good experience. I learned a lot from their staff who have a been-there-done-that approach to recovery. They are not asking you to do something that they have not done. The campus is somewhat nondescript but the accommodations we're certainly more than adequate. The vans that they used for transportation could use a little TLC and some possibly even replacing. The curriculum is very well-thought-out and presented in ways so it is easily understood. The arts and crafts projects that we got to work on and the music therapy were interesting and fun. The people in recovery during my stay made it very memorable for me and I am still in touch with a few of them. The staff was and continue to be very caring and conscientiousness even to the point of facilitating an IOP program after my departure.

Sophia L.

One of the best rehabs I've been to. The staff is extremely caring, and they do their best to help and meet all of your needs. I'm so grateful for this program and the tools they gave me to achieve sobriety. Would recommend!

Beverly M.

I showed up broken and lost. They hugged me, help me find me and put my pieces back together again. Today, life is good..a gift! Thank you JP Bowling Green...u were angels on my journey!

Larry A.

My initial impression was skeptical and I am so happy that I fought through that and gave this place and these people a chance. The facility has a beating heart and a kind soul. A special place for complicated people. I felt more than a number or an insurance claim. I felt part of a family. I truly feel that God brought me here for a reason.

Christina F.

This place is AMAZING. I came here with an unclear outlook on life and within just weeks, my mindset changed completely. Many therapists and counselors here have all been in our shoes at some point in their life and completely understand our hardships; so they have the ability to walk us through the situations. We all share a common problem, therefor we all share a common solution. This place SAVED MY LIFE. I will ALWAYS recommend this place to anyone in need.

Katie M.

This is the best place for someone who wants to get sober! The people here really care about the patients and their well being and want to see them succeed and stay sober. They will go out of there way to make sure you get the best treatment and aftercare and will help you get set up for what you need for when you get out. I would definitely recommend this place without a doubt

Steven U.

The people here are very nice and will do whatever it takes to help you out. They are very helpful. It's a great place to start off your sobriety.

Emily A.

Everyone who works here is very kind and helpful. They really want what is best for you, and I felt it daily. The housing is super nice and comfortable. I am very pleased with the time I spent here. I feel more ready to face my problems than ever. For the first time in a very long time, I am happy. I owe that to Journey Pure and the people that work here.

Zackary A.

I would give JourneyPure of Bowling Green a five-star rating. I have thoroughly enjoyed my stay here. I like that the administrative staff and the tech's make the client their number one priority. I like the lax approach this facility uses to show the clients that there is a different and better way of life rather than just shoving the book of alcoholics anonymous down your throat. Not to say that the twelve-step program isn't used there, but they don't strictly focus on your progress through the twelve steps. They try to build you back up as a person because they realize that most people have lost so much if not everything in their time battling their addiction. I would recommend this facility to anyone in need. I think that I was a much stronger person in all aspects after graduating from the program.

Angela A.

JourneyPure Bowling Green has changed my life. This is the first time I have ever been to a rehabilitation center. It was not at all what I expected, but it was exactly what I needed. The staff here is great and willing to help in every way possible even while planning your discharge. I would recommend it to anyone serious about recovery.

Tim M.

This place was GREAT! I feel like they helped me with much more than I expected.

Brittany A.

My family member is still sober a year and a half after his treatment stay here.

Jacob U.

Best rehab I've been to. I got more from it than I anticipated.

Pamela M.

JourneyPure gave me the tools to live life on life's terms. Not only is the entire staff extremely compassionate, but they are also very knowledgeable. They understand the process we go through from the first step of making that phone call seeking help, all the way to celebrating our accomplishments with us. They are the hope for our futures. I am forever grateful for JourneyPure! I am living proof that WE DO RECOVER!

Philip D.

Today I am a totally different person because of this place!! I love each and everyone there who helped me!! I am six months clean today and this is the longest I have been without any mind-altering substance for 23 years!! They are a great dual diagnosis facility. The therapy combined with the addiction treatment has done wonders for me. I would send anyone I cared about here because I know they would be in good hands. Plus, the facility is not too shabby either!! Love you guys at Journey Pure!!

John W.

Excellent in all areas. The staff, in general, were totally awesome and caring. One-on-one with compassion not to mention knowledgeable on matters of the disease of addiction. Best 30 days of my life...sober a year and a half and finally enjoying life at the age of 54. Highly recommend.

Brad B.

From the moment you walk in, to the day that you leave, nothing but great support and a wonderful program. I highly recommend it for any and everybody looking into treatment!

Will H.

Coming to the realization that you need help is hard. Seeking that help can be even harder. What I can tell you is that your life will NEVER get any better without sobriety. When performing my search for treatment, I didn't know what I was looking for, what was best for me or how it would change my life. I found JourneyPure through a myriad of searches and gave them a call. It was a call that has changed my life forever. Now at 100+ days sober, the journey to your life of sobriety can start as soon as you make it happen. With anything, there are pros and cons. Here are some things to consider. PROs: Freedom (to a certain extent, obviously), The People (from tech's to therapists to group leaders, the professionals are cool and extremely insightful), Housing, Activities (Music Therapy is awesome), Food and Exercise. A LIFE OF SOBRIETY. CON's: Scheduling (some events seem to act as time-fillers), Leadership (while all of the staff is amazing, the communication from the very top was lacking). If you're struggling, just make the call. You will never, ever, ever regret it. Trust me.

Terry A.

A wonderful place with a caring staff! JourneyPure will change your life!

Chris L.

Great Place to start your journey to recovery with a friendly staff!

Jay A.

This place saved my life. The staff there actually cares and isn't just there for a paycheck. I would definitely recommend to anyone who is ready to change their life.

Nathan S.

A great place to start your road to recovery. The staff and therapist are very caring and supportive to the individual needs of every patient. I highly recommend JPBG to anyone who wants to change their lives towards a better, sober tomorrow.

Marcus T.

When I was at the lowest point in my drinking, with no hope of being able to stop, I came to Journey Pure. I thought it was just going to be another treatment center where they just introduce you to the 12 steps, then put you back out there. But, they have such an amazing way of doing things. They work with you individually with great counselors. They go into detail about the disease of addiction and alcoholism. Upon release, they also work with you to make sure you're going to a supportive environment. Love the staff. They are always there for you. Even today, if I just need to talk, they are there. Highly recommended if your looking for a new way of life and an awesome journey to becoming a clean and sober person!

Liza B.

I cannot speak highly enough about this facility and its staff. I spent close to 60 days here, and it truly was life saving and changing. I always felt like my needs were met, and never felt like my voice was ignored. This is not a passive program. I was encouraged and challenged to actually work a program of recovery and that gave me a leg up once I left treatment. They give you the skills and tools to build a strong foundation for your recovery, but they will not do it for you. This is an active program and as long as you actively participate in every aspect of this program, it will change your life. The staff was incredibly supportive in guiding me through early recovery. From group and individual therapy to equine and adventure sessions, the folks there coached me, challenged me and supported me every step along the way. If you are looking for a place to get help and start fresh on your journey, this is the place for you.

Heather B.

I went to their facility a broken mess. I'm proud to say, thanks to Journey Pure, I'm now 13 months sober and living my best life. I cannot begin to say enough good things about Journeypure in Bowling Green, Kentucky. The entire staff are the most caring people I have ever met and had the pleasure of being around. They taught me so much about myself and opened my eyes to a whole new way of living. If you are struggling with addiction, I highly recommend you give them a call. They will do everything in their power to help you achieve sobriety and maintain it.

Emilee B.

The staff and the program are absolutely AMAZING. Hands down the best facility to be at!

Anna H.

Journey pure changed my life. The staff and alumni are amazing. The way they do things is different from any rehab I've ever been to. They really care. They genuinely are concerned with you and your well being. I didn't have to pay a dime out of pocket. I will and do recommend this place to EVERYONE I meet that asks for a way out of the miserable lifestyle they're living. I thank this place so much for my sobriety.

Richard W.

Great facility and staff! They really jump-started my road to recovery. I recommend them to anyone suffering from addiction.

Edwin S.

I was struggling with addiction when I found out about Journey Pure. They were very professional and helped me a lot with my recovery. I highly recommend.

Jonathan O.

Words cannot describe how much Journey Pure means to me. I had reached a point where I had given up and just went to treatment to get away from life for thirty days. They were patient with me and eventually when I was ready they helped place me exactly where I belonged. I will forever be grateful to Journey Pure in Murfreesboro. If you're looking for a place to start over, give it a shot. You will meet some of the greatest people on this planet and have a new shot at living.

Dallas M.

Super awesome!!! Life changer for sure. Still clean today. So many opportunities have opened up since being there. All the locations are really nice. The techs and staff definitely make sure you get what you need in order to put one foot forward and start a new life

Louie M.

I been to quite a few treatment centers. Journey pure is by far the best I have been to. I am still clean today. I love the way they allow you to fellowship within the community. It gives hope there is a better way to live. All the staff are great and really help you in what to do with recovery. Thank you journey pure.

Andrue M.

JourneyPure was a life-changing experience for me. The gratitude I have from every client & staff member there has impacted my life wholeheartedly. I was in a life or death situation & slowly but surely have learned how to love myself & established self-worth through receiving love & patience. Anyone can overcome & make the change. Give yourself the chance & time to be guided in the experience of others to the road of recovery.

Tony L.

Journey Pure has been the turning point of my life. When I had no idea what to do with or how to even want to go on with life. The staff of Journey Pure went above and beyond to help me figure out how to start putting together a program on how to live my life. They take the time to evaluate and counsel to try and give each person just what they need to succeed. After the inpatient treatment is done, they offer assistance on options afterward such as sober living and IOP whatever your situation calls for. They also have aftercare for their alumni to keep us plugged in. If you or a loved one need help I strongly recommend this treatment facility. They have helped to save mine and many others lives.

Neel R.

JourneyPure is amazing. The staff truly cares about the patients and the location is very conducive to recovery. The one-and-one counseling and group sessions are extremely productive.

Monica C.

Thanks for being committed to recovery. I enjoyed art therapy most.

Jeremy K.

Wonderful treatment center. Great staff runs a fantastic program. Journey pure saved my life. The staff is committed to the clients there and work every day to change lives.

Eleanor C.

Excellent program. Caring staff. Nice facilities. You will get what you need to recover and get tools to live without substances. There's even time to have some clean and sober fun!

Colton S.

Saved my life...Awesome groups and therapy. Staff is great, and it's in an awesome location.

Brandon H.

If it weren't for JP, I would be dead. The staff truly cares about client's recovery. Therapy in this program is so helpful and eye-opening. I recommend this recovery program to anyone who wants to start a new sober happy life. If you truly want sobriety, JP staff will make sure you have all the tools you need to achieve a happy, healthy, fulfilling life.s

Brittany R.

I came to Journey Pure broken and hopeless. Once I got there, I was welcomed with open arms. I received therapy unlike any other rehab I have ever been to. The therapists and aftercare workers are amazing and truly went to bat for me. Like any other place, there are kinks that can be worked out, but overall I had an amazing experience and learned the tools I need to live an amazing life. I'm still clean and I owe a huge part of that to them.

Amy A.

This place has given me the strength and courage to successfully beat the monster I was dealing with (aka addiction).

Scott K.

I have learned more about myself in 30 days than I have in my entire adult life.

Kim D.

I recommend this rehab facility. Two thumbs up. It was great!

Tim M.

I had the pleasure of staying at Journey Pure for 30 days. During my stay, I was able to gain the mental clarity and focus to break the final bonds of my addiction. Journey Pure incorporates the best facets of the 12-steps with evidence-based techniques from the human growth movement, cognitive behavior and others. They were open and willing to explore new ideas which was particularly refreshing. Being able to pick from the very best of these is what sets them apart. Structured enough to keep you motivated and lax enough to experience epiphanies. I would recommend it to anyone ready to take action steps on their path to sobriety.

Jeff C.

I've been to other rehabs before and Journey Pure is by far the best. It is an amazing facility with the latest recovery tools.

Julie J.

This place is amazing. I have nothing but great things to say. They took me in off the streets and treated me with love and compassion that every human deserves. The staff really cares about the wellbeing of the patients. I have been to other places where that wasn't the case. JourneyPure is growing every day and it makes me happy to see that more people are getting the treatment they need.

Matthew B.

Treatment effectiveness was top-notch. The staff has a true passion for helping a fellow addict. Without them, I wouldn't have stayed. Big thanks to the staff for sure. Meditation, process groups, all great. One thing I would change is the transition from detox to residential to the beach houses. They change your therapist, and I believe you should have just one for a 30-day period. Other than that, superb. Accommodations...Beach view houses of the gulf. Vans could use some attention to detail. The center is great. Clean, organized and cozy. Meals & nutrition...They have a great Chef for sure so when you are at detox or residential, you don't have to cook. Meals are great and JP will accommodate to your diet, big plus. Once at the beach houses, you make a list every week and eat like kings. You also cook for yourself and others in the beach houses. Overall...I will have to say this place is great. If you are serious about recovery and want a big change take a chance here. It is a great place.

David B.

JourneyPure was very effective in identifying my inner problems and helping me with triggers and relapse preventions for when I got out of rehab. They therapist sessions were incredible.

Katy H.

My experience at Journeypure Emerald Coast was amazing. The curriculum was impressive and seemed to be tailored to my needs as a recovering addict. The program helped me to improve my relationship with God and understand the disease concept which in turn improved my overall health mentally as well as physically. The staff was amazing. They were extremely educated in the recovery process and seemed to truly care about clients. This program saved my life and for that I am truly grateful.

Marilyn W.

The staff at Journey Pure is the most caring and aware staff I have ever worked with. The structures they put in place and the fellowship that they foster saved my life. I highly recommend Journey Pure for anyone seeking addiction treatment and recovery.

Roy R.

Journey Pure was helpful in my recovery and really tries to help you. Detox was great and the staff is mostly people in recovery who sympathize with your situation.

Joe M.

JourneyPure in Panama City Beach was an amazing experience overall. It is life-changing if you work the program and utilize the tools they teach you and put them to work. It's not a perfect facility, but the staff genuinely cares and are all there to help the patients. The culture of the program is a strong point and a huge part of the reason that I was successful in my treatment. Overall, I would highly recommend JourneyPure and I feel it is the best decision I have ever made.

Sophia L.

I would like to thank the staff at JourneyPure for giving me a positive atmosphere to grow and recuperate.

Natalie W.

Journey Pure is an excellent program with staff that cares about their patients and work with them on a daily basis. I could not recommend this place more to an addict who truly wants to work a program and wants to get sober. Excellent program.

Janice R.

This place has taught me so much about relapse prevention. The brotherhood between the guys that are in treatment is simply amazing. Everyone really wants to work a program. My therapist is an amazing person that has helped identify a lot of problems I didn't see before...Thank you JP for everything. Looking forward to staying in contact in the recovery app.

Logan A.

This is by far the best and last rehab I have been to. The staff is really helpful in all aspects of recovery. Also, the brotherhood they allow us to form with fellow peers is strong and gives great hope for what is to come. Thank you for everything, Journey Pure.

Hannah O.

Thank you Journey Pure! This was my first (and only time) in treatment. My expectations were low when I got here, but I left feeling better than ever! I miss this place and all of the friends I have made. Who comes to rehab and has the time of their life? Journey Pure was a really great experience, and I absolutely loved the group therapy and the staff is awesome!

Jesse V.

Great therapists, groups and techs made for an amazing experience. Housing is located on the beach which provided a relaxing time.

Dylan L.

Journey Pure quite literally changed my life. You get out of this program what you put into it. There is no cure for this disease, but there is a remedy. You have a choice in life. Your decisions and how you respond to stressors and emotions. I've learned various coping skills through the Journey Pure program, and I can honestly say that the path I was on would have taken my life. Journey Pure taught me skills that saved my life. I highly recommend this program to anyone that's willing to actually put forth effort and strive for a positive change in your life.

Heather K.

I am grateful for this opportunity at Journey Pure. I have gained a lot here. Thanks to all the staff for their love and support.

Walter N.

It's an amazing facility with great staff. If you're serious about recovery, this is the best possible place you could send your self or loved one!

Kelly G.

Friendly, supportive staff and techs on-hand. You get what you put into it and for me that was a lot. The staff will readily assist any needs pertinent to recovery needs and concerns. I'm very grateful to have been accommodated in the program in every area I reached out on and underlying needs I knew very little of. They helped me come out of myself and that is not a repayable gift. Thank you jp.

Jose Z.

The best of the best. My stay here was pleasant and fun.

Joan H.

Journey Pure was a very solid experience. 2nd treatment I've been to, and it was much more organized than my previous experience. I would recommend anyone seeking help to contact Journey Pure.

Maria P.

JourneyPure in Panama City Beach taught me how to live and gave me the tools I need for recovery.

Carl H.

Phenomenal staff - helpful, full of hope and inspiration.

Carolyn M.

Love this place. It changed my life, and I miss it and the staff every day.

Wayne P.

Journey Pure is an awesome treatment facility for those who have lost their way in life through drugs and alcohol. I would recommend this facility to anyone who might have a problem with drugs and alcohol. My experience at Journey Pure has been life-changing.

Henry K.

JourneyPure in Panama City Beach, FL changed my life! It wasn't just a rehab. It was a family bound together with one goal - to stay sober. The staff are family and you won't find anyone who cares about you like they do. They treat you like the human beings you are and not like you are just another addict. One particular therapist is a beautiful soul and my favorite. A few key staff will lead you to the best sober living homes you can find. They are also my absolute favorites! The house managers are wonderful, the funniest and most sarcastic women you'll meet, but they treat you as if you are their own. They changed my life and everyone was phenomenal! I met friends who will last a lifetime???? Just be willing and they will lead you towards the right path. It's your choice to continue on that path! Plus, the houses are beautiful with a pool! What more could you ask for?!

Caleb U.

I spent a total of 80 days inpatient there, so I can speak from a great amount of experience of the facility and staff. First, the detox section is amazing! I have never been so well taken care of treated so kindly! The detox staff are amazing people who care! The intake team is available and will get you situated fast! Secondly, they offer 2 inpatient treatment options, traditional and Christian. The Christian tract is led by 2 phenomenal therapists. It changed my life. The traditional track is equally great and is led by a team of awesome counselors! Also, the residential houses are like something out of a movie. They are 3 story houses literally across the street from the most beautiful beaches. They provide you with all you could need, and the houses are staffed 24hrs a day! Finally, the leadership at Journey Pure are awesome people! They were always available and caring. If I needed to talk, I felt comfortable enough to go to their offices! Also, after you leave they don't just forget about you. The aftercare coach will periodically harass you via every type of messaging service. Lol. They care! If I had any complaint is that the days are long. The day starts early and ends late but w didn't mind that when we were out using, so it's worth the investment! I highly suggest this place to anyone at any age at any stage of addiction. The psychiatrist on staff will get you situated quickly without habit-forming medications! Call them, its the first step to a new life. Feel free to message me with any questions. My motivation is to help the still-suffering addict!

Helen H.

The staff at Journey Pure is very kind and understanding. They are there for me, every step of the way. Without them, my life would be very different...The Florida location is a definite plus as well!

Jerry H.

"15 months ago, the only option I had was death...plain and simple. I didn't love myself enough to want to live anymore. That night I was led to JourneyPure in Panama City. I took a leap of faith to travel 2,000 miles to a city I had never been to put my recovery in the hands of people that were complete strangers. Because of the love and support of the staff at this facility, they provided me with a foundation to begin a new life of sobriety. Because of them, I began to TRULY live my life, but more importantly, I began to love MYSELF again. I can not articulate how much these people mean to me."

Richard W.

How can I describe getting my life back? JouneyPure's staff is the reason I am writing this. I'm not sure where I'd be if not for them. All of my concerns - medical and psychological - were taken care of day or night. My well being and treatment were at the top of every staff member's goal list. The follow up is truly genuine. My Coach tracks my progress through an app on my phone on a daily basis. I feel like there's still someone I can turn to if I need help - that security is very important to me and my sobriety.

Adam H.

Great experience. I wouldn't be alive today if it were not for God leading me to Journey Pure. Professional staff and facilities.

Kim B.

I had the time of my life at JourneyPure! The moment I walked in the front doors until the day that I left, I was treated with so much love & respect! The staff was nothing short of amazing & I actually didn't want to go home! JourneyPure gave me my life back & I will forever be grateful for my experience.

Louis P.

Journey Pure gave me my life back. I received top-notch therapy, classes and workouts in a beautiful facility on the beach. The food was amazing, but the staff was the best part! Each staff member made a lasting impression on me and aided in my recovery. I am forever grateful for this program! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Deborah B.

They changed my life!

Luis F.

Journey Pure is truly a place for healing. They have an incredible staff that truly cares about their patient's wellbeing. I highly recommend Journey Pure to anyone who desires healing.

Chan Chan

I've been through 6 treatment centers prior to this one. JourneuPure is by far the best one yet. Chuck is the most hands-on director I've seen. The staff goes above and beyond to help out in any way they can.

James L.

Great, caring staff. Really helped me end up in a solid aftercare program. Would definitely recommend JP Emerald Coast to a friend.

Steven A.

Pretty decent place. Great staff. Many helpful people. Josh W. is a great guy, very helpful. Need nurse cart at residences to cut down on downtime waiting around at the center. Other than that, great place. I would highly recommend it.

Ryan S.

This place is a great rehab. The staff cares for the clients. Beautiful homes by the gulf. If you or a loved one needs a place to sober up, this is a damn fine place to try.

Dan V.

It is a wonderful program as long as you pay attention. I have learned a lot from being there. The main thing is you have to do it for you and give it 100%. I found that the majority of the people that work there are actually very concerned about the people who walk thru the doors each and everyday. I definitely would recommend this facility to anyone who wants to learn a new way of life.

Jessica S.

Very nice program. Thank you for another chance at life.

Lawrence F.

Best decision I ever made!!

Doug R.

Best move I ever made. I appreciate the staff for all you do.

Jon K.

Journey Pure has given me way more than my expectations. They truly saved my life. The hospitality is something money can not buy! The staff was extremely helpful in every situation and I have had an unbelievable experience. I could never repay them for what they have done for me.

Sharon B.

The staff is absolutely amazing! It's what makes Journey Pure the best facility I have ever experienced! I would recommend Journey Pure to any family or friends battling alcoholism and addictions. If I could do it again I wouldn't change a thing. Thank you Journey Pure!

Cynthia T.

My Journey Pure experience was a decent one. There were some staff that were not professional and not organized at times. There are some staff that are doing an excellent job.

Dennis L.

JourneyPure was excellent. The staff and techs were beyond amazing! JourneyPure saved my life and for that I am forever grateful.

Justin S.

I feel my time at Journey Pure was very helpful and has given me the tools I need to maintain sobriety and have a full and productive life.

Brandon L.

The staff and accommodations were awesome, and I would highly recommend this place to anyone seeking treatment from drugs or alcohol. Awesome place!!!

Charles K.

I found the staff to be extremely helpful and concerned about the recovery process and progress of the patients. The best part was most definitely the therapy staff.

Margaret E.

This place saved my life. The staff is amazing. The houses are beautiful. And, the support I received is top-notch. if you are looking to change your life for the better, Journey Pure is the place you need to come to.

Matt C.

Overall, this place brought me back from the edge. I could not have done this by myself. The staff here gave me tools to use when I got home.

Barb W.

The staff is very friendly and really do care about their patients. Journey Pure has a wonderful program and great therapists.

Mike N.

Journey Pure healed me physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally! The staff was amazing from detox techs, therapists, nurses, docs and all! The housing was was amazing with the blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico across the street. The pool and home-cooked meals of bbq shrimp salmon and steaks. Equine therapy, beach trips and meditation. The outdoors did a great job for me. I regained my life, laughter, confidence and made incredible connections and friends. I even extended my stay so I could make even more of my stay at JP. I highly recommend coming here.

Mark W.

Journey Pure has been wonderful in responding to my treatment needs. They are not only a multifaceted program, focusing on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health, but a community of like-minded people who share a passion for recovery. From intake to treatment to discharge and setting up aftercare, the staff and executives with the corporate office have been engaged every step of the way. Please, if you or a loved one is still sick and suffering, call Journey Pure.

Carol M.

The director of this program is wonderful. He really is a good person, and the staff here is great. This program saved my life!

Anthony J.

My treatment and recovery process was great here. The staff has great energy at all times. The rules are pretty strict, and they are there for a reason. I definitely recommend this treatment center to anyone battling with addiction in any form or fashion. They are GREAT.

Mike W.

If it wasn't for Journey Pure, I wouldn't be where I am today. This place is wonderful. The only effective rehab treatment I have ever been too. I am so so so so happy to be writing this review. ALL (AND I MEAN ALL) THE STAFF REALLY HONESTLY TRULY CARE. I love this place. I love all the people this placed helped with my ongoing addiction for 4 years. I LOVE JOURNEY PURE.

William S.

Highly recommend this facility. I went from broken to extremely hopeful for the future. The staff care for the clients in a way I've never witnessed before. If you need help, this is the place to go!

Frank V.

The staff is amazing from start to finish.

Joe T.

I wasn't exactly sure if I was "ready" upon arrival to JourneyPure, but I knew something needed to change. This place helped me realize how delusional, empty and SELFISH was the life I was living. Over 5 years later, the education I received has been continuously a blessing on a daily basis. It was a perfect ratio of tough love and encouragement.

Olivia S.

Well, I was going to wait until I had more than 90 days clean but 90 days is actually a miracle for me. 90 days clean and sober, without depending on suboxone or methadone maintenance...I can't help but give credit where credit is due: God and JourneyPure. I have been to numerous treatment centers before that are an endless cycle ---inpatient, then IOP, then if a relapse happens, back to inpatient then IOP... with an emphasis on the disease model. Yes, addiction is a disease, but this place talked about the solution! JourneyPure incorporated the tools from day one of our stay. I could go on and on, but it was truly a remarkable place with truly caring staff, nestled on a beautiful landscape. Small client-to-staff ratio, delicious and nutritious food, fun weekend activities. They made me excited about being clean and sober!!

Dr. Stephen Loyd

"I understood addiction intellectually. That didn't matter. My options were to get treatment or lose everything. Knowing that I'd be with peers taking treatment seriously and treated with respect as a fellow professional helped me make the right choice 16 years ago."

Evan W.

It works.

Mom of Krista P.

When I made the first phone call, I had so many questions. I had no idea what to expect. I'd never been through anything like this before. They answered all my questions and even called me back to make sure that I didn't have any more questions.

Whit G.

They were willing to talk to me the entire way, the two hours I was driving to get there. They said, "We'll stay on the phone with you if we need to." I just felt special, honestly, at a time where I didn't feel special about myself and I really needed that in that moment.

Mom of Colin P.

After I did my research, I found that Journey Pure was highly recommended. So I made my call. They were so helpful, very compassionate. They told us what we needed to do exactly.

Jennifer C.

Thank you Journey Pure for helping me get my life back, not only do I have my life back but I have also regained the respect of friends and family that I had once lost. Missing my child’s birthday was a very difficult day for me but the staff helped me realize it was missing one birthday to be present for all the rest. Knowing the staff had been through what we were going through also helped. Great medical staff as well! Thanks JP

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