The Importance of Exercise In Addiction Treatment and Recovery

by Chris Clancy

February 22, 2019

exercise in addiction recovery

It’s common for those who abuse drugs or alcohol to ignore important components of daily health. This takes a destructive toll on mental, emotional and physical well-being. While traditional talk therapy is certainly important, it’s also critical to healing the body as well.

Benefits of Exercise in Recovery

Exercise in chemical dependency treatment serves multiple purposes. Physical activity heals the mind, body, and spirit. By creating a habit of regular exercise, you will set the stage for success.

The Benefits of Exercise For Recovery Include:

Natural and healthy stress relief. Stress is an unwanted tension that can manifest both physically and psychologically. For many who suffer from substance abuse, stress is a trigger to use. Fortunately, exercise naturally and healthily helps the brain alleviate tension. There’s no need to turn to drugs or alcohol for escape. Plus, exercise stimulates brain chemistry to create a natural, positive high.

Improved self-esteem. Exercise is proven to reduce anxiety and depression. Think of exercise as “meditation in motion.” In other words, by focusing on physical health, you experience the psychological and emotional benefits of this form of “meditation.” Furthermore, because exercise results in weight loss, improved muscle strength and more restful sleep, you will experience increased self-esteem.

New habits to replace old ones. Prior to addiction treatment, destructive habits consumed your time. After drug rehab ends, it’s important to fill your time with new, healthy habits. You can’t return to old habits (or even friend groups) that encourage substance use and abuse. By exercising during addiction treatment, you are establishing a new habit that can last a lifetime. And the best part? This new habit of exercise has proven physical and psychological benefits!
The more you exercise, the more fitness your body experiences. Fitness can lower the chance of diabetes, cancer risk and hypertension. Regular exercise also stimulates the immune system and the brain. Improved circulation makes sure your body gets the healing it needs as you recover from the roll substance abuse took on your body.

Walnut House JourneyPure understands the importance of incorporating exercise into addiction treatment. Exercise is just one of many ways to recover and heal holistically.

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