Treatment at JourneyPure

Rarely, if ever, does someone with a substance use disorder stop using on his or her own and remain in recovery for a lifetime. Instead, those who struggle with addiction to drugs and/or alcohol tend to require professional addiction treatment in order to end their physical use and address the psychological and emotional components of their addiction. In order to stay in recovery, these individuals usually continually participate in support groups and receive ongoing therapy. At JourneyPure, we know that getting sober is just the beginning of one’s recovery from a substance use disorder. To fulfill all needs of the patient, not just the physical needs, we have developed a variety of treatment programs that can offer help and benefits to those in need.

Types of Treatment at JourneyPure

All of the treatment that we provide at JourneyPure is evidence-based, meaning that studies have proven the effectiveness of each treatment. With a clinically-backed, integrative approach, JourneyPure models an individual plan for care for each patient who participates in any one of the following types of treatment: Detox, Residential Treatment, Intensive Outpatient Treatment, Outpatient Treatment and Aftercare. When a patient comes to JourneyPure, he or she will be properly and thoroughly assessed to determine which treatment program is best for him or her.

Benefits of Treatment at JourneyPure

Above all else, we at JourneyPure are devoted to providing our patients with a safe, comfortable, and welcoming environment to recover in, regardless of what type of treatment they obtain. From the very moment our patients step through our doors to the second that they leave, we go above and beyond to give them the opportunity to benefit as much as possible from our programming. Some of these benefits include the following: Participating in individual therapy, where hard-to-discuss topics can be talked about and rectified Bonding with others in recovery through group therapy sessions Getting the opportunity to fully focus on recovery when at the facility Receiving specialized care designed to treat underlying issues, such as EMDR for trauma Obtaining a solid source of support from the JourneyPure team and others in the program Improving on both mental and physical wellbeing The benefits do not just stop there. The more involved that a patient is in his or her treatment, the more he or she will gain. When each patient gives his or her best effort, we at JourneyPure can help him or her develop a lifestyle free from substance abuse and related chaos.

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