Aftercare is extremely important for every single person who has completed a form of addiction treatment. It is extremely challenging for individuals to get sober through treatment and then maintain that sobriety on their own after they have finished their program. That is why at JourneyPure, we put into motion aftercare plans that are designed to support and guide the client, as well as encourage his or her continual success.

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Benefits of Aftercare

Each individual’s plan for aftercare will vary from the next. This is because when this plan is established, it is done with the patient’s specific needs in mind. At JourneyPure, we put together a wide variety of different aftercare plans so that each one of our patients continues to receive the care that he or she needs once the primary piece of their treatment is completed. For example, a patient’s aftercare plan might include stepping down from one treatment program to the next, such as going from residential treatment to outpatient treatment. That plan might include details on how to transition back into everyday life while still participating in therapy on a regular basis. Another patient might have an aftercare plan that includes details on how many meetings to attend a week, how he or she will structure his or her daily life, and what kind of support he or she will have now that treatment is over.

Aftercare is not to be underestimated, as the work that one puts into his or her recovery does not stop when he or she finishes a professional treatment program. Rarely, if ever, are those who have recovered from a substance use disorder in a professional setting sent home without an aftercare plan, and there are several reasons for that. The biggest reason why aftercare is held in such high importance is because it has proven to be greatly beneficial for all who incorporate it into their care. Some of these benefits include the following:

Increases Rates of Long-Term Recovery

Research has shown that those individuals who remain connected to some form of addiction treatment for as long as possible have higher chances of maintaining their recovery for longer. When individuals are constantly working on their recovery, they are focusing on improving themselves, learning more about recovery, and honing in on their relapse prevention skills. Plus, during this time, they are also likely building out a network of support that can see them through the ups and downs of their recovery.

Those who spend the least time in professional treatment and who do not follow up with their progress with an aftercare plan risk setting themselves up for failure, as it usually takes time and patience in order to get a firm grasp on how to work their recovery.

Avoids Lapses in Care

It is extremely common for those with a substance use disorder to require continuity in care because without it, old behaviors and the potential for relapse can start to develop. Aftercare helps to prevent this from occurring, as whatever plan is determined for a patient will go into effect immediately after he or she finishes whichever treatment step he or she is taking prior to aftercare.

Helps Ease Transition

Going from being actively addicted to drugs and/or alcohol to sober and in recovery can be extremely jarring, even though it is an improvement to one’s overall wellbeing. It takes a significant amount of time and effort for individuals to become comfortable in their recovery, which is why being given the opportunity to transition from one step of treatment into the next is priceless. After completing a treatment program, going right into aftercare can help patients readjust to their new surroundings and daily schedules without completely throwing them for a loop after having just completed an immense amount of physical, emotional, and mental work.

Other benefits of aftercare can include learning additional coping skills, obtaining more support from others, and remaining consistently accountable to oneself and others.

JourneyPure Coaching App

At JourneyPure, we stand out amongst the rest in terms of the care we provide, but also because of the advances in aftercare that we have put forth. The JourneyPure Coaching app is a tool that our patients can use after they leave the facility. For one full year, patients will have access to a personal recovery coach who will help guide them during this new time in their lives. The patient and the recovery coach can communicate via the app with HIPAA-compliant messaging, allowing for additional support for the patient. The patient will also have a once weekly session with the recovery coach, as well as be able to document his or her thoughts so that they can be discussed during this session.

The JourneyPure Coaching app allows patients to log their exercise, sleep, and meals, allowing them to keep track of these important aspects within their lives. And, through the app, patients can connect to others and stay in touch with the facility regarding upcoming meetings or events.

The JourneyPure Way

We value aftercare just as much as any other part of the treatment process, which is why we put as much effort into our patient’s aftercare plans as we do. The development of the JourneyPure Coaching app has helped us continue on our mission to provide complete, encompassing care to each one of our patients so that they are given the best chance at long-term recovery as possible.

If you or a loved one are struggling with a substance use disorder, you are not alone. At JourneyPure, we can help initiate the changes that need to be made in order to begin a life free of drugs and/or alcohol.

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