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At JourneyPure, we know all-too-well just how delicate the first year of recovery after treatment can be. There is no straight line to success, rather the road to recovery is usually filled with unpredictable twists and turns. Knowing this, we have developed JourneyPure Coaching, an app that is in a class of its own and designed to help provide an extra layer of support and guidance for that first year after completing one of our programs.

Our Commitment to Your Sobriety

The JourneyPure Coaching App

Before our patients finish their treatment program and transition back home, we work with them to develop an aftercare plan that meets their recovery needs. Part of that aftercare plan is setting the patient up with a recovery coach who will work with him or her through the JourneyPure Coaching App.

The app, which is to help the patient remain connected to our facility and their recovery, offers a number of different features that can aid in the patient continuing to live a healthy lifestyle free from substance abuse. Some of the most notable features of the JourneyPure Coaching app include:

  • HIPAA-compliant secure messaging between the patient and his or her personal recovery coach
  • Nutritional guidance, including a place to log meals
  • Daily recovery log where patients can share their thoughts, feelings, and emotions
  • Connections to local healthcare providers who can offer additional services as needed
  • Information regarding alumni events and gatherings

At JourneyPure, we focus on providing our clients with a holistic treatment approach so that they can heal their minds, bodies, and spirits. Part of that holistic approach includes implementing good sleep habits, a nutritional diet, and regular exercise. Through the JourneyPure Coaching app, patients can track their sleep, meals, and exercise. Their recovery coach can view all logs, allowing for a sense of accountability to develop between the patient and the coach. Additionally, patients will have one recovery coaching session each week, where they can discuss their progress, setbacks, and continued goals.

Benefits of the JourneyPure Coaching App

Any medium geared towards providing those in recovery with support can be beneficial, including the JourneyPure Coaching app. The most obvious benefit of our state-of-the-art app is that it provides former patients with a sense of security in their new-found recovery, as they have a built-in line of communication with professionals who they know and respect. Attempting to go through recovery alone can be extremely difficult, which is why each individual using our app can contact their recovery coach at any time, as well as benefit from their weekly session with him or her.

Those who have a past of substance abuse or alcohol abuse can also have a past of disorganization and chaos throughout their days. But, through the JourneyPure Coaching app, individuals will start to develop a strong sense of structure by being able to log their sleep, meals, and exercise. When in treatment, patients learn that eating well, getting enough rest, and exercising can all help improve upon things such as stress, depression, and anxiety (to name a few). Having an easy, electronic place to log rest, meals, and exercise can not only help individuals structure out their days, but also help keep them accountable in doing these things.

Just because a patient leaves JourneyPure after his or her program has been completed does not mean that he or she no longer requires further care. Through the JourneyPure Coaching app, individuals will be connected to healthcare providers in their communities that can offer therapeutic and medical services to meet their recovery needs. Continuity of care is extremely important when in recovery because if an individual stops doing the things that keep him or her sober, it can be simple to relapse.

The JourneyPure Coaching app also keeps individuals in the know about events and gatherings, such as meetings held at the facility. Keeping connected to a treatment program can allow for an individual to utilize his or her alumnus to not only continue to recover but also to help support others who are either currently at JourneyPure or those who have also graduated from the program.

The JourneyPure Difference

At JourneyPure, we recognize the skill and determination it takes in order to get sober and maintain recovery. While patients are enrolled in our programs, we will work to treat the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual impacts of their substance use disorder and restore those parts of themselves. We also pride ourselves in seeing our patients through their recovery by sticking with them after they leave the program, such as through the JourneyPure Coaching app. When someone attends JourneyPure, they become part of the JourneyPure family, and we treat them as such.

If you or a loved one need professional addiction treatment, do not wait any longer. Contact us at JourneyPure right now.

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