Detoxification is the first step towards freeing the body from the grips of addiction. At JourneyPure, select facilities can provide monitored medical detox assistance to ensure patient safety and comfort.

Detox Building at the River

Medical Inpatient Detox

For individuals suffering from addiction, the body can become dependent on external stimulants making withdrawal symptoms uncomfortable, and in some cases, life threatening if not monitored carefully. This biochemical imbalance must be restored and renewed by the body under medical supervision. We provide around-the-clock monitoring as well as evidence-based techniques and medications to alleviate uncomfortable symptoms some people experience during detox.

Detoxification and stabilization are the first steps in the JourneyPure continuum of care for individuals whose substance use requires assistance in managing withdrawal symptoms.

Detoxing at JourneyPure at the River

Several of our locations offer detox services in conjunction with inpatient treatment. At our flagship facility, JourneyPure At The River, we offer patients a state-of-the-art residential detoxification and stabilization unit serving the Murfreesboro and Nashville communities. The10-bed detox facility provides medically supervised residential detoxification and stabilization services for patients in the Middle Tennessee region.

In a comfortable, home-like setting, our team of experienced medical experts provides inpatient detox services. The facility is located on a beautiful wooded 127-acre property on the Stones River with easy access to both Interstate 24 and State Route 840. Patients receive 24-hour medical services offered by a team of nurses and addiction professionals.  Both a Psychiatrist and a Family Medicine Physician oversee medical and psychiatric care at the facility.