One of the most pressing and potentially dangerous effects of abusing drugs and/or alcohol is the risk of establishing a physical and/or psychological dependency. At JourneyPure, we prioritize providing each and every patient with detox services if medically or psychologically indicated. For many of our patients, detox is the very first step in their recovery process, and we go above and beyond to supply evidence-based, clinically-sound care during this delicate time.

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What Does Dependence Look Like?

Individuals who abuse addictive substances in any capacity risk becoming dependent on their substance(s) of choice. Studies show that it can take merely a matter of days for an individual to become dependent on prescription painkillers like OxyContin, codeine, and Vicodin, while it can take continual, patterned abuse of a substance like alcohol or marijuana before dependence develops. However, dependency does not just develop out of thin air, as most individuals first become tolerant of the drugs and/or alcohol that they are abusing, meaning that they continue to increase the amount of the addictive substances they are abusing so they can experience the same effects of being under the influence. The more that an individual increases his or her doses of the addictive substances, the more possible it becomes for his or her body and mind to rely on those substances for basic functioning purposes.

When dependence has been established, it is difficult (if not impossible) for an addicted individual to stop use independently without experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Depending on the type of substances that an individual abuses, these symptoms can range between headaches and muscle cramps to seizures and death. Withdrawal symptoms are notorious for being distracting, upsetting, and even painful, which causes many individuals to quickly return to abusing his or her substances of choice. This is a pattern that tends to repeat itself, making it more complicated for an individual to recover.

At JourneyPure, we understand this struggle. We know what it is like to want to stop using drugs and/or alcohol but being fearful of the withdrawal symptoms that can develop as a result. We relate to how frightening it can feel to be dependent on one or more addictive substances. Most of all, we know that by the time patients cross our threshold, they have likely already made several attempts to get sober and are struggling with feelings of defeat, shame, and guilt.  It is because of this knowledge that we are leaders in the provision of top-of-the-line detox services.

Detoxing at JourneyPure

When a patient is in need of detox, we at JourneyPure get to work right away to provide him or her with the services that will treat the dependence both physically and psychologically. Patients at JourneyPure who require detox services will participate in our medical inpatient detox program prior to engaging in other portions of their addiction treatment. Our main goal is to first stabilize the patient so that detox can be possible and continued care can be focused on for as long as the patient needs.

Our medical inpatient detox program houses patients in an environment that is safe, non-judgmental, and comfortable so that they can place all of their energy into the process of detox. We know that when a patient is going through detox, he or she does not only experience powerful symptoms and challenges during our staff’s regular daily work hours, which is why we employ medical and psychiatric professionals to be available to all patients on a 24/7 schedule. Patients who detox at JourneyPure can rest assured that no matter what time of day or night it is, they can reach out for continuous and effective support that can help see them through the detox process.

Depending on what types of substances a patient is dependent on, we at JourneyPure will offer the appropriate over-the-counter and prescription medications to help better manage withdrawal symptoms. Patients who are detoxing from opioids, for example, can be prescribed medications like methadone or buprenorphine, which decrease painful withdrawal symptoms and cravings for continued use. Patients who are detoxing from other substances like meth or cocaine can receive over-the-counter medications to help with symptoms ranging from upset stomach and headache to vomiting and diarrhea.

Our trained psychiatric professionals interact with patients in detox on a regular basis, working to help them cope with some of the mental load that detox can produce, as well as address symptoms of one or more mental health conditions that have been exacerbated by detoxing.

Detox at JourneyPure At The River

The majority of JourneyPure’s locations offer detox services, including our flagship facility, Journey Pure At The River. The River has 10 beds available for those living in the Murfreesboro and Nashville communities and other parts of Middle Tennessee. The facility itself, which boasts comfort and serenity, sits on 127 acres along the Stones River. Both the home-like facility and the beautiful land it is located on provides patients with a space dedicated to helping them come out of the fog of addiction. For the duration of all patients’ stays, medical professionals and addiction specialists will be available on an around-the-clock basis and a psychiatrist and a family medicine physician will oversee the care plans of each patient.

Detoxing from drugs and/or alcohol can be one of the most challenging parts of an individual’s life. The pain and discomfort that can be experienced, the temptation to use again, and the lack of confidence in being able to achieve sobriety can be almost too much to handle for most. At JourneyPure, we help patients make tangible progress in their recovery journeys from the beginning of their treatment plan to long after they have completed their stay with us.

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