In many addiction treatment cases, only one of two disorders are identified. This results in a fragmented approach that creates gaps in treatment. With dual diagnosis, we address both mental health and chemical dependency problems at once.

Dual Diagnosis with Dr Wind

What Does Dual Diagnosis Mean?

Dual diagnosis is a clinical term referring a mental health disorder coupled with a chemical dependency or substance abuse problem. It is also referred to as a co-occurring disorder, as both disorders occur simultaneously. The disorders must be treated together, since both are intertwined and affect each other.

If you or someone you love struggles with addiction and may have a mental health concern, JourneyPure offers comprehensive care that addresses both issues.

Understanding the Challenges of Treating Dual Diagnosis

By addressing both mental health and chemical dependency problems at once, the entire recovery process is coordinated to ensure a seamless and successful treatment. From personalized therapy to medication management, JourneyPure prepares patients for success.

Consider the Facts

– 17.5 million Americans suffer from a serious mental health disorder; of these individuals, an estimated 4 million struggle with co-occurring substance abuse or chemical dependency
– 35% of alcoholics and 53% of addicts struggle with at least one other mental illness
– 29% of people with mental illness have substance abuse issues.