Healers Program for Nurses

At JourneyPure, we recognize the prevalence of addiction amongst this population of healthcare providers, which is why we offer specialized treatment for nurses. Known as the Healer’s Program, our team of experienced and compassionate professionals can help RN’s, LPN’s, APN’s, NP’s and other types of nurses overcome their substance use disorders.

JourneyPure will not only provide nurses with a safe, secure space to recover in, but we will also ensure confidentiality for every individual who comes to us for help.

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The Healer’s Program at JourneyPure

Nurses who are in need of professional addiction treatment can benefit significantly from participating in the Healer’s Program at JourneyPure. To best determine the course of care that best meets the client’s treatment needs, the JourneyPure team provides a three-day inpatient evaluation that includes several consultations, assessments, and testing. Our three-day inpatient evaluations give us a detailed look into what the patient is experiencing and what he or she is able to complete in terms of treatment. During this time, we complete the following with each patient:

  • Intensive clinical interview
  • Biopsychosocial assessment
  • Psychological assessment and testing
  • Medical history and physical
  • Psychiatric consultation and medication review
  • Health and wellness assessment

Not only do we at JourneyPure work to uncover the current physical health status of the patient, but we also strive to obtain a strong understanding of where his or her psychological and emotional wellbeing stands, allowing us to properly diagnose the needs of the patient.

From the moment that a nurse enters into our program until he or she completes the evaluations, we will offer continuous support and go above and beyond to ensure that the patient is comfortable during this time. Once evaluations are complete, patients can move forward with a detailed care plan that often includes 12-Step programming, hypnotherapy, experiential therapy, individual therapy, and group counseling, to name a few.

Signs of Addiction in Nurses

While the majority of nurses do not experience addiction first-hand, approximately 10% of them do. We know that the disease of addiction can be difficult to spot even when it is occurring in plain sight, especially because those who are struggling with addiction and those who love them can experience overwhelming denial. However, being aware of the signs of addiction in nurses can help reduce on-site dangers and health risks in patients.

According to the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN), signs of addiction in nurses can include the following:

  • Coming to work on days off
  • Offering to work overtime or during the night shift when there is less supervision
  • Suspicious behaviors surrounding narcotic medications
  • Frequently volunteering to administer medications to patients
  • Finding ways to be alone in spaces where medications are located
  • Being late for work on a regular basis when he or she used to be punctual
  • Appearing disoriented, clumsy, inattentive, overly energetic, sluggish, or seemingly disconnected

Nurses, depending on what type of unit they work in, can have access to a variety of different substances. Therefore, some of their symptoms can vary based on the substance that is being abused. However, once symptoms of addiction become noticeable, it is extremely important for the wellbeing of both the nurse and their patients for the nurse to receive professional care, such as that offered at JourneyPure. When treatment is not obtained, nurses can make serious and potentially life-threatening mistakes while under the influence that can cost themselves and their patients everything. Luckily, a nurse who is struggling with substance use disorder does not have to remain addicted to the substances that he or she is abusing. At JourneyPure, we provide only the best, most effective addiction treatment geared toward changing the lives of nurses in need.

The JourneyPure Difference

The JourneyPure approach is not only clinically-backed and evidence-based, but it is also a holistic one that focuses on treating the patient’s mind, body, and soul. We are comprised of medical and mental health professionals who are dedicated to the recovery of each and every one of our patients, including nurses who attend the Healer’s Program.

Patients at JourneyPure can benefit from residential or outpatient treatment, depending on their needs. Once the patient completes the program, he or she can remain connected to JourneyPure by downloading the JourneyPure app. For the first year after treatment, former patients can keep in contact with counselors and other specialists, as well as log meetings, meals, exercise, sleep, etc.  

Reaching out for help is the most important step that a nurse who is experiencing a substance use disorder can take. While it is often considered the hardest part of recovery, asking for help can provide nurses the opportunity to not only save their lives but also preserve their careers that they have worked hard for. At JourneyPure, we ensure strict confidentiality so that each and every nurse who comes for treatment can rest assured that they can get the help they need without colleagues or patients knowing about their struggles with addiction.

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