We have pioneered an innovative aftercare program called JourneyPure Coaching™ to help patients avoid relapse following treatment through continued connection and care.

JourneyPure coaching App

Upon leaving a facility after addiction treatment, patients can feel a sense of isolation due to the loss of the therapeutic community they experienced while on-site. Research shows this is a scenario that can lead patients to relapse. We believe that there is a more supportive way to transition patients back into daily living.

Prior to discharge, JourneyPure patients are assigned a personal recovery coach who develop an individualized recovery plan. That plan is then entered into our proprietary JourneyPure Coaching™ app so that patients have 24/7 access to recovery support.

All of our facilities utilize recovery coaching and our JourneyPure Coaching™ app as part of a recommended aftercare plan. Some of the features of the app include:

  • Daily recovery log, where patients introspect, review and check-in throughout the day
  • Secure messaging (HIPAA-compliant)
  • Nutritional guidance
  • Collaborative care management with local health care providers

Family for Life | Alumni

Commit to your recovery with us and we will make a lifelong commitment to you. At JourneyPure we want our patients to feel supported both during and after treatment. We will work with each alumni daily for the first year of recovery ensuring they have everything they need for their own personal recovery success. When patients participate in aftercare programs, including alumni events, for the first year leaving a facility, the success outcomes increase significantly.

Adjunct Therapist Access

JourneyPure Coaching™ participants will have access to one recovery coaching sessions per week for the first year following treatment. Your recovery coach and support members will help you stay on track with your recovery goals.

Measuring Outcomes

Participant outcomes will be measured with a research-based study to improve delivery over time and maintain patient engagement with our services. With our use of JourneyPureCoaching™ we can gain helpful data both during and after your treatment that will allow your recovery support team to aid you in maintaining sobriety. Long-term research for addiction recovery is necessary to help change the stigma and inform the development of solutions for improving mental health and addiction recovery techniques industry wide. We are very lucky to have esteemed researcher Dr. Sam MacMaster as our Chief Clinical Officer leading our passion for improving the field of recovery through dedicated scientific research.