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At JourneyPure, our team of medical and psychiatric professionals are well-educated and experienced in providing addiction treatment to the male population. We strive to address gender-specific challenges in clinically appropriate ways, as well as give male patients a space to work on their recovery while feeling safe in doing so.

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Risk Factors for Men

As with many other things throughout life, men and women experience addiction much differently than one another. For example, men are more likely to abuse drugs and/or alcohol and consume more of these addictive substances during that abuse. They are also less likely to relapse than women are. It also takes men longer to establish a dependence on one or more substances, as their bodies metabolize drugs and alcohol at different rates than women’s bodies. And, men are more susceptible to using due to peer pressure than women are. These are simply just some of the most common variants between both men and women when it comes to addiction, however, men face several challenges specific to their gender that contribute to the development of a substance use disorder.

When it comes to the development of a substance use disorder, there are countless factors that can play into why someone turned to the use of drugs and/or alcohol. Men and women both share several of the same risk factors for addiction with one another, such as having a family history of substance abuse, the presence of a mental health condition, experiencing poverty, and having a poor education. And while men and women share some other these similarities, men are exposed to different risk factors based simply on their gender, including the following:

  • Early exposure to drugs/alcohol – Studies show that men are exposed to addictive substances at a much younger age than women are, especially by other members of their families. An example of this would be a father allowing his underage son to have a few sips of beer on occasion. Another example would be being offered drugs in school by other young boys who got their hands on them from a family member or other friend.
  • Pressure to provide – A large majority of men with families are the primary provider of income. They carry the financial load of the family, as it depends on how hard he works and what he does. For many men, this pressure can be overwhelming, especially if they have a job they are unhappy with or are working long hours but still just scraping by. That pressure, plus the fear of failure, can cause him to turn to the use of drugs and/or alcohol to cope with those feelings.
  • Poor emotional intelligence – For centuries, men have been told by society to be tough and strong and not to show any signs of weakness. And although today that belief is slowly fading away, the idea of it still lingers, causing men to bottle up their emotions rather than express them. As a result, they can struggle with becoming emotionally intelligent, meaning that they can have problems talking about their feelings, understanding them, and establishing new feelings that can support his needs. When feelings are not discussed, it can feel like dragging around a ball and chain, triggering men to find an escape, such as through substance abuse.

Not all men share these risk factors, as other men have experienced different things in their lives, such as combat exposure, sexual abuse, and trauma from witnessing domestic violence. However, once a man finds himself abusing one or more addictive substances, it is imperative that he obtain professional addiction treatment so he does not pay with his life.

Men’s Addiction Treatment at JourneyPure

At JourneyPure, we not only understand that men experience addiction differently than women, but we also know that the causes behind the development of their addictions can be specific to their gender, too. We provide our male clients with a comfortable, secure setting where they can begin to work through the issues that have led to an/or developed in response to their substance use disorder without feeling insecure to do so in front of female patients. In co-ed addiction treatment programs, it is common for men and women not to share exactly how they are feeling or go into the detail they need to for fear of judgment or embarrassment. At JourneyPure Men’s Treatment, all of that is eliminated.

All men who enter into the men’s treatment program at JourneyPure will receive a comprehensive evaluation prior to getting started, including psychological testing, medical and psychiatric evaluations, intensive health and wellness reviews, and interdisciplinary biopsychosocial assessments. This evaluation will allow us at JourneyPure to develop an individualized treatment plan for the patient so that each one of his needs are addressed.

As with all other programs at JourneyPure, the men’s treatment program is conducted with a holistic approach so that the minds, bodies, and souls of our male patients are being worked on simultaneously, as we strive to treat the whole problem rather than just the symptoms of it. We incorporate the 12-Step methodology into everything that we do and implement both individual therapy and group counseling sessions into each patient’s treatment plan. Depending on the needs of the patient, we also offer other therapeutic services including experiential therapy and family therapy sessions, to name a few.

Each day spent in the men’s treatment program will be scheduled out and will include everyday basics such as step meetings, education, process groups, and activities such as meditation and working out. A patient’s daily schedule will also include therapies that are specific to his treatment needs. This means that the patient’s schedule can fluctuate throughout his or her stay, however, we work to provide predictable, comfortable schedules so that our patients can become accustomed to structure and balance (two things they will need in their recovery).

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