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At JourneyPure, we understand, respect, and value the sacrifices that active duty, retirees, and military families make for the safety of the United States. We also know that those sacrifices can come with mental health consequences that can be challenging to cope with, such as depression, posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and substance use disorder.

Given the potential for psychological issues as a result of serving in the army, navy, coast guard, air force and marines, we at JourneyPure place a unique focus on providing specialized care for this population of honorable individuals.

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Treatment for Active Duty, Retirees, and Military Families at JourneyPure

Approximately 20% of those who served in Iraq or Afghanistan have either depression or posttraumatic stress disorder, according to the RAND Center for Military Health Policy Research. Of that 20%, roughly 19.5% of these servicemen and women have suffered a traumatic brain injury or TBI. Additionally, these individuals may also have pre-existing mental health conditions that require further attention.

In recent years, upwards of 44% of those who returned home from deployment suffered from a substance use disorder. As with people in other professional fields, some of those in the military turn to the abuse of drugs and/or alcohol to cope with the symptoms of one or more mental health conditions either brought on by the war or exacerbated by it. At JourneyPure, we know how upsetting it can be to be trapped in a cycle of substance abuse. We also know how painful the presence of one or more mental health issues can be. That is why we offer dual diagnosis treatment, which is designed specifically for those who are experiencing a substance use disorder and a mental illness at the same time. Both medical and clinical staff work together to provide each patient with a comprehensive care plan so that both issues are treated simultaneously.

Through this approach, patients are provided with the greatest opportunity to benefit from any one of our treatment programs. Depending on the needs of the patient, he or she may participate in one or more of the following programs:

  • Detoxification – Detoxification, or detox, is a service provided to patients at JourneyPure who are physically and/or psychologically dependent on one or more addictive substances. Members of the military will be provided with both medical and psychiatric care while detoxing, allowing for both pharmaceutical and therapeutic means to help see them through the process of clearing their minds and bodies of dangerous substances.
  • Residential – Residential treatment at JourneyPure is reserved for those who are grappling with a severe substance use disorder or who have made several attempts to get sober but have been unsuccessful. Patients will stay at our facility for the duration of their care and participate in daily therapies, counseling sessions, and activities related to recovery.
  • Partial Hospitalization – For some substance use disorders, especially those that co-occur alongside a mental illness, partial hospitalization services are required. When enrolled in JourneyPure’s partial hospitalization program, patients will receive continued medical services as needed.
  • Intensive Outpatient – For those patients who require more hands-on care than what is provided through outpatient treatment, intensive outpatient programming can help. At JourneyPure, we offer an IOP that focuses on allowing patients their freedom but also providing a strong, structured schedule of therapies to aid in recovery.
  • Outpatient – Many individuals who come to JourneyPure only require a minimal amount of treatment, which is where our outpatient program comes in. When enrolled in this program, patients will participate in various therapy sessions each for a few days each week. Outpatient programming at JourneyPure can last anywhere from 6-8 weeks.

When a service member comes to JourneyPure for help, we provide him or her with a full, detailed assessment and an evaluation so that we can best determine which programming options are the best fit for him or her.


JourneyPure utilizes several different evidence-based therapies throughout all of our programming options. When it comes to the military personnel and families who attend JourneyPure, some therapies are most commonly used than others based on shared experiences related to serving, including the following:

  • Experiential therapy – It is extremely common for individuals connected to the military to experience traumatic events and mental health disorders that make it extremely complicated to access their emotions. For some, it is a challenge even talking about the things that have contributed to their condition. Experiential therapy is a form of care that has patients participate in an activity, such as art therapy or equine-assisted therapy, that allows them to express themselves through doing rather than speaking. With the help of one of JourneyPure’s qualified therapists, the patient can start to put words to his or her emotions, which in turn helps the healing process.
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy – Cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT, is a type of therapy that can be supplied during individual therapy sessions. Patients will be challenged by their therapists to deconstruct their negative thoughts and beliefs about themselves and certain experiences and replace them with new, positive behaviors that encourage healthy living. CBT sessions only last for a few weeks at a time, as studies show that what is learned in CBT is easily retained.
  • EMDR – EMDR, short for eye movement desensitization and reprocessing, is a widely respected therapeutic technique geared towards treating symptoms of trauma (specifically PTSD). Many service men and women (and their families) come to JourneyPure because of the PTSD that they are grappling with. EMDR sessions, which have the patient follow the therapists’ sounds, taps, object, or lights, allows patients to access emotions and thoughts related to the trauma without having a severe reaction to it. This process helps begin to treat the symptoms of PTSD.

At JourneyPure, we are dedicated to those who serve our country. The care that we provide does not only include what is discussed above, but we also provide alternative and holistic therapies, weekly AA meetings, access to our JourneyPure coaching app, trauma-informed care, hypnotherapy, and several other modalities designed to treat the symptoms of whichever conditions a patient is struggling with.

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