Whether you want to continue your recovery therapies after inpatient treatment or you need a part-time rehabilitation schedule, our JourneyPure Intensive Outpatient Programs are designed to fit your recovery needs and accommodate your work and family life.

Why enroll in an Outpatient Program?

Treatment for addiction and mental health disorders is an ongoing process that requires continuous support. If you have successfully completed a residential or inpatient program in the past, our outpatient program (also referred to as Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)) is a great way to maintain progress so the threat of relapse is reduced significantly.

Additionally, we have designed flexible programs to make treatment accessible to those who have career and family obligations preventing them from an inpatient stay. Our expert staff developed this program with the goal of helping individuals improve their capacity to form healthy attachments to themselves & others while uncovering their own spirituality. If time constraints are keeping you from the help you deserve or you are seeking ongoing treatment, call our center today. We will accommodate your specific needs and schedule so you can get on the path to a better life.

Who can attend?

We uniquely developed this program for both men and women over 18 years of age who are struggling with alcohol and drug addiction, co-occurring disorders, trauma, PTSD, anxiety and depression.  The duration of your enrollment in our IOP program is dependent on your health problems as well as your personal recovery goals.

Our objective at JourneyPure is to offer support to individuals with various addiction and mental health issues, so they can begin their path to recovery and maintain a healthy life for years to come.

What treatments are used?

Individuals enrolled in our program will partake in a combination of research-based therapies, while obtaining a grounding in a traditional 12-step program. Our scientifically supported Integrated Dual Disorder Treatment approach has been tailored to be trauma-informed and gender-specific. Our team utilizes a variety of evidence-based experiential therapies to ensure patients receive the most well-rounded treatment so long-term recovery can be sustained.

At JourneyPure we make it our mission to provide care for individuals through every step of their journey towards recovery.