When addiction is threatening your way of life, it’s best to seek help and an escape from the everyday triggers and behavior patterns governing your addiction cycle. Our inpatient facilities give patients a chance to find community in residential style treatment program.

What is Residential Treatment?

Residential treatment involves a patient staying for a set period of time in a home-like residential addiction treatment setting. The length of stay is determined by an assessment evaluating each patient’s individual needs. Room and board are included in the overall cost of treatment which is usually lessened by utilizing a patient’s health insurance benefits.Our facilities provide patients with a variety of organic and whole foods, access to fitness facilities and a serene, safe location to focus on their healing. Patients receive individual and group therapy sessions, engage in experiential therapies and foster a sense of community in recovery with other residents.

Individual Therapy and Counseling

Individualized counseling is an important part of treatment at JourneyPure. Patients can discuss personal issues in a private one-on-one setting and develop meaningful coping strategies to abstain from substance abuse.

Group Counseling

During treatment patients benefit greatly from work in our monitored support groups. These groups give patients the opportunity to reconnect and begin building lifelong relationships. People suffering from addiction often feel alone. Social reinforcement and community building reinforce the lessons learned through individual counseling and therapy by reawakening a sense of connection with others. These relationship tools are indispensable building blocks towards long-term sobriety.

Experiential Therapy

Experiential therapy allows patients to learn ways to reduce stress, improve self-confidence, identify obstacles, develop solutions and achieve long-term sobriety. Experiential therapy is a proven treatment for a wide range of different mental health conditions.

Co-occuring Treatment

JourneyPure helps uncover and address the underlying causes and conditions of addiction. We have trained staff and licensed clinical counselors that understand both mental health and substance abuse and how they are related. Sometimes referred to as dual diagnosis, our integrative approach allows us to treat the underlying issues and disorders of substance abuse.