Residential Treatment

In residential treatment at JourneyPure, patients live in an addiction treatment environment conducive to recovery for the duration of their stay. All basic needs such as housing and food, plus amenities such as access to fitness centers, are all included in the cost of one’s treatment plan. We accept a number of different types of insurances that can help to provide full or partial coverage for the cost of the patient’s treatment.

Our team gets to work right away by providing a full assessment of the patient and explores his or her background to unearth the patient’s most pressing needs so he or she can be placed in the appropriate program. 

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Why Enroll in Residential Treatment?

Treating a substance use disorder is a continuous process that requires professional intervention in order to effectively treat. We work diligently so that each and every patient receives the specific medical and therapeutic treatment modalities deemed most practical to empower him or her to make long-term, permanent change. Within a residential treatment setting, patients will benefit from the unwavering support offered to them by our team of devoted and caring professionals.

We provide several different levels of care for the patients enrolled in residential treatment, ranging from medical detox and medication-assisted treatment to expert therapeutic approaches like experiential therapy and recovery coaching. Residential treatment provides patients with structure, schedule, and support designed to effect positive change and encourage continual emotional and spiritual growth.

Who Can Attend?

We work closely with each patient who comes to us to end their substance use disorder. Our residential treatment program is an excellent option for patients who are in need of intensive professional treatment due to a severe substance use disorder. We designed this program to specifically address complexities of substance use disorders as they pertain to both women and men. Those who are experiencing a severe case of substance use disorder or those who have made previous efforts to stop using but have been unsuccessful can benefit significantly from our residential treatment program.  

We also understand that many patients are also in need of residential treatment for mental health in addition to treatment for substance use disorders. Our goal is to provide evidence-based and clinically sound care for both substance use disorders and mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, and posttraumatic stress disorder. When a patient presents with a co-occurring disorder, residential treatment is the best option for care. Within our residential treatment program, our medical and mental health teams will provide patients with a full course of care that works simultaneously to address each one of their needs so that full recovery can be achieved.

Therapy and Counseling

An exceptional amount can be gained from the therapy and counseling that is offered through our residential treatment program. At JourneyPure, we provide a varied assortment of evidence-based treatments and practices, allowing patients to begin rebuilding their mind, body, and spirit with the help of our team of professionals. Individual therapy and group counseling can make it possible to achieve that goal.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is one of the primary building blocks of addiction treatment. Patients begin their recovery journey in a one-on-one setting where they are encouraged to talk through personal issues related to their substance use disorder and/or mental health condition. Our certified and trained therapists guide patients through the process of individual therapy, including helping them to develop relapse prevention skills, learn how to cope with triggering situations, and address the issues that led to the development of their substance use disorder. Patients will engage in individual therapy sessions for the duration of their residential stay at JourneyPure.

Group Counseling

Group counseling provides patients with the space and time needed to heal but within the company of others who share in similar experiences. Often times patients come to us feeling isolated and alone due to their substance use disorder, however, when participating in group counseling, they find that there is great benefit from sharing their experiences with others and developing strong bonds. Group counseling is an excellent counterpart to individual therapy as it allows patients to apply what they learn in their individual sessions to their group counseling sessions.

One-Year Plan

Patients who enroll in our residential treatment program are automatically provided with JourneyPure’s one-year plan.

The one-year plan begins with an assessment of the patient to best determine what kind of treatment is best suited to meet his or her needs, even if that treatment is through another provider. Our admissions team works to learn as much about the patient as possible, ensuring that the patient receives the most individualized treatment plan with us at JourneyPure so they will benefit from the secure, comfortable environment that we provide. The duration of each patient’s stay will include therapy that is decidedly most effective for their treatment goals and psychological needs. When the patient completes the residential treatment program, he or she will still have access to JourneyPure’s treatment by downloading the JourneyPure Coaching app. The app allows patients to remain connected to JourneyPure therapists and the JourneyPure community. Patients can track meals, exercise, meetings, and goals within the app. JourneyPure Coaching is a state-of-the-art method of continuing care where patients can remain connected to our healthcare professionals and continue on in their journey towards recovery.  

At JourneyPure, we dedicate ourselves to the wellbeing of each and every patient who comes to us looking for guidance and support. It is our mission to provide care that will help patients leave active substance use disorders in the past, and build lives that support happiness, good health, and sobriety. JourneyPure serves as the standard of addiction treatment and continues to excel in helping bring recovery into patients’ lives.

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