At JourneyPure, we offer a multitude of evidence-based therapies designed to treat the many possible issues that those in recovery can face. When therapy is combined with physical wellbeing, both the body and the mind can start to heal from the damage caused by a substance use disorder. And, patients can develop a new lifestyle that supports their sobriety so that recovery can be maintained for a lifetime.

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Types of Therapies at JourneyPure

At JourneyPure, we value therapy as being part of the very foundation of a patient’s recovery. Our team, comprised of mental health and behavioral specialists, apply their expertise and compassion when providing therapy to patients.

Each patient who comes to us at JourneyPure has his or her own specific treatment needs. When a treatment plan for the patient has been developed, he or she will begin working with a therapist or counselor who can implement therapies proven effective to address their needs. Patients engage in more than one type of therapy during their program at JourneyPure to ensure that all areas of concern are properly treated so that he or she can have the best shot at a successful recovery.

Some of the therapies that we offer at JourneyPure include the following:

Experiential Therapy

Experiential therapy at JourneyPure offers patients the opportunity to heal both mentally and emotionally by having them engage in hands-on activities. For example, art therapy is one of the most common experiential therapies we offer at JourneyPure. During an art therapy session, patients will produce pieces of art that reflect his or her emotions or experiences in an effort to express themselves without words. This is a highly popular technique, as some of the emotions and experiences that our patients have gone through can be very difficult to discuss at first.

Family Therapy

When a family member has a substance use disorder, the entire family is affected by it, whether intentional or not. Addiction is highly complex and for many, difficult to understand. Attending family therapy sessions at JourneyPure can help families of an addicted loved one air out everything that has been affecting them as a result of the addiction. The family and the recovering patient will work together to heal wounds, improve communication, resolve resentments and anger, and attempt to move forward in recovery as a team.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy at JourneyPure almost always begins right away, regardless of what type of programming a patient is participating in. The patient will work with one of our trained and certified therapists to uncover the underlying issues that have contributed to the substance use disorder, as well as the obvious problems that have made getting into recovery a challenge. Individual therapy sessions at JourneyPure occur between a patient and one of our therapists in a private setting so that discussion can flow freely without fear of judgment.

Group Therapy

At JourneyPure, group therapy sessions have provided life-changing results for countless patients. In group therapy, patients are brought together by one or more therapists to address commonly shared challenges as related to addiction and mental health conditions. Through conversation, sharing, and group activities, patients can develop strong bonds with one another all while recovering in the comfort of those who they can truly relate to.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Addiction, while a disease of the brain, is extremely rooted in one’s behaviors. If a patient only receives physical care when ending his or her substance use disorder, he or she can easily slip back into dangerous behaviors that trigger the addiction to develop again. At JourneyPure, we offer cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT, which is a form of therapy that focuses on getting patients to challenge dysfunctional beliefs, thoughts, and emotions and replace them with positive ones that support their continued sobriety.

EMDR Therapy

Studies show that 70% of Americans will experience one or more traumatic events within their lifetime. Many of those who suffer from a traumatic event turn to the abuse of drugs and/or alcohol to cope. Therefore, JourneyPure provides eye-movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), a leading trauma-treatment therapy. In an EMDR session, patients will follow lights, sounds, or tapping conducted by the therapist while recalling the traumatic event. Research has proven that when the mind is partially distracted while recalling a traumatic memory, it is easier to process. EMDR at JourneyPure has helped countless patients struggling with both trauma and substance abuse overcome the challenges caused by their experiences.

The therapy offered at JourneyPure does not stop there. Other types of therapeutic approaches, such as relapse prevention, life skills therapy, and own very own JourneyPure Coaching are peppered into many of our patients’ treatment plans. At JourneyPure, our main priority is to offer the very best, most effective therapeutic treatment modalities so that every patient who comes to us looking for help can reestablish him or herself as a person successful in recovery.

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