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The team at JourneyPure serves several populations of individuals, including women. Our women’s treatment program offers medical and psychiatric care for those women who are experiencing a substance use disorder or a combination of a substance use disorder and a mental health condition, such as depression, anxiety, or PTSD. When women reach out to us for help, we conduct a thorough assessment and an evaluation to ensure that she has an individualized treatment plan that focuses on each and every need she has so that recovery can be attainable.

Programs for Women By Women

Risk Factors for Women

Women experience addiction much differently than men do, and they also have different risk factors that increase their chances of struggling with a substance use disorder. While factors such as stress and biological causes can trigger the onset of a substance use disorder within both males and females, each sex faces different challenges on a regular basis, either environmentally or genetically. The top issues that impact women and their risk of developing a substance use disorder include the following:

  • History of trauma – Traumatic events, including motor vehicle accidents, natural disasters, and the loss of a loved one are common between women and men. However, women respond to trauma much differently, especially when they are victims of a traumatic event when they are young and their brains are still developing.
  • History of abuse (physical, sexual, mental) – 1 in 4 women are victims of severe physical violence from their partners, while 1 in every 5 women experience rape. And, mental health effects in women, such as anxiety, posttraumatic stress disorder, and depression have been connected to partner violence.
  • Societal pressures – For women specifically, societal pressure can be devastating to their self-esteem and sense of self-worth. Feeling constantly pressured into fitting a certain body image or being able to “do it all” can be so overwhelming that turning to the use of drugs and/or alcohol to cope can become a normal routine.
  • Loneliness — Both women and men experience loneliness, but often times for different reasons. Women, in particular, find that they become lonely when in the whirlwind of raising their children or if they never got married or had a family. Also, women who have survived sexual or physical abuse might distance themselves from personal relationships, adding to the loneliness.

These are simply just some of the most common risk factors for substance abuse that women face on a regular basis. Each woman is different than the next and can develop a substance use disorder for other varying reasons, such a family history or biological makeup.

Women’s Addiction Treatment Options at JourneyPure

JourneyPure places strong emphasis on the importance of gender-specific treatment. It is understood amongst our team of professionals that the women patients we treat have needs unique to their sex and related experiences. The common risk factors, such as those above, are also understood, which is why we run our facility with a trauma-informed approach. This means that we operate under the assumption that all patients have experienced trauma, allowing us to constantly be sensitive to our patients’ needs and prevent re-traumatization. When women come to JourneyPure, they can rest assured that they are in a safe, secure space where true mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual healing can begin.

At JourneyPure The River, our Murfreesboro location, we offer a women’s only rehab. This residential treatment program offers many therapeutic services to meet the needs of each and every patient. The most prominent of these therapies include group therapy, individual therapy, and experiential therapy.

Individual Therapy

Our female patients will participate in individual therapy sessions that are led by a JourneyPure therapist. Conducted in a quiet, private setting, women can begin to unearth the causes behind their substance use disorder and work through the issues that are causing them the most pain. In addition to the talk-therapy style of individual therapy, patients can also receive other therapeutic services within their individual therapy sessions, such as cognitive behavioral therapy and eye movement desensitization and reprocessing, or EMDR. For the duration of the patient’s stay, they will continue to participate in individual therapy.

Group Therapy

The majority of a patient’s time spent in the women’s treatment program will be spent in group therapy sessions. Within these sessions, patients will come together to do things such as process trauma, engage in talk therapy within the group, and work on relapse prevention skills. From group therapy sessions often comes a sense of support amongst group members, which is extremely important during this time.

Experiential Therapy

Patients will partake in experiential therapy nearly every single day of the week while in the women’s program at JourneyPure. Experiential therapy is a type of care that has patients get physically active and/or hands-on in their recovery. For example, art therapy and equine therapy are experiential therapies. Both therapies work to help patients identify their emotions and work through them while doing something like painting a picture or grooming a horse.  

Each patient in the women’s program is different, and not all patients will have the same daily schedule. The therapies that a patient will have will be based on her treatment needs.

Benefits of Women’s Treatment at JourneyPure

JourneyPure believes in holistic recovery, allowing for all areas of our patients’ wellbeing to be healed. We focus strongly on helping to eradicate the mental and physical load and improve upon the emotional and spiritual parts of one’s life. By doing so, patients can benefit in the following ways:

  • Patients can bond with one another, allowing for strong relationships, a sense of comfort, and a built-in support system
  • Patients can participate in healthy activities, such as yoga, that improve upon their spirituality
  • Patients will develop relapse prevention skills that can keep them from using in the future
  • Patients will learn more about substance use disorders, providing them with a strong background into how and why this disease occurs
  • Patients will be given the time and space to focus solely on their recovery with minimal (if any) interruptions

At JourneyPure, we can help give women the second chance that they deserve.  

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