Twelve JourneyPure IOPs to Offer Mental Health Only Programming

by Chris Clancy

February 7, 2019

Starting in February, select JourneyPure intensive outpatient clinics will offer mental health programming, along with its dual-diagnosis treatment of substance use disorders and underlying mental health issues.

Janie Wilkerson, clinical director at JourneyPure and a licensed clinician in mental health, expects the transition to be a smooth one since JourneyPure’s dual-diagnosis treatment and “whole patient” philosophy already accounts for clients’ mental health.

“Even though we’re substance use-focused, probably 75 percent of what we talk about with our clients in therapy focuses on anxiety, depression, trauma, all kinds of mental health stuff,” Wilkerson said.

Sarah Wieck, JourneyPure’s director of outpatient business development, echoed this sentiment.

“The fact is, JourneyPure is about helping people find recovery,” Wieck said. “Whether that’s addiction or mental health, it’s still recovery-based. It’s both a science and an art.”

As part of the new effort, Bryan Wind, chief of clinical operations at JourneyPure, will work with the clinical directors of IOPs in Tennessee and Kentucky to learn the new curriculum during a training session scheduled for mid-February.

JourneyPure’s Mental Health Only Offerings: A Rundown

The JourneyPure intensive outpatient centers in Tennessee that are now offering (and billing for) mental health only treatment include:

  • JourneyPure Nashville (Park Avenue and Paragon Mills)
  • JourneyPure Clarksville
    JourneyPure Franklin
  • JourneyPure Athens
  • JourneyPure Knoxville (Cedar Bluff)
  • JourneyPure Southaven (Mississippi)

In Kentucky, the IOPs offering mental health only treatment are:

  • JourneyPure Bowling Green
  • JourneyPure Lexington
  • JourneyPure Louisville
  • JourneyPure Paducah
  • JourneyPure Elizabethtown

In Florida, JourneyPure Melbourne is the lone IOP offering mental health only treatment.

IOPs that are not offering mental health only treatment are JourneyPure Fort Walton, JourneyPure Orlando, JourneyPure Emerald Coast IOP, and JourneyPure Danville.

JourneyPure Murfreesboro, located on Broad Street, is scheduled to offer mental health programming later in the year.

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