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Our mission is to help people become healthy and stay healthy. Our high standards attract well-known behavioral health professionals from across the country. Their commitments to ethics and patient success are backed by the highest accreditation in the industry.

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The Leadership Team

Cecelia Hunt LCSW

Chief Executive Officer

Cecelia is a proven healthcare leader with a distinguished track record of growing behavioral health businesses while maintaining the highest quality of care. She is a solution manager known for hands on facility oversight, innovative turnaround strategies and optimizing organic growth.

  • 29 years in the field
  • Master's-Level
  • Loved One In Recovery
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Dr. Brian Wind PhD, CBSM

Chief Clinical Officer

Dr. Wind is a recognized leader in clinical psychology on local, state, and national levels. With 20 years of experience, Dr. Wind is an adjunct professor at Vanderbilt University, has been integrally involved in healthcare technology development, and serves on JourneyPure's executive team.

  • 18 years in the field
  • Doctorate-Level
  • In Recovery
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Dr. Stephen Loyd MD

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Loyd has practiced internal medicine for two decades. He served as an expert medical witness for the U.S. Attorney, F.B.I. and D.E.A. Dr. Loyd is a member of the Tennessee governor’s subcabinet and associate professor at East Tennessee State University.

  • 22 years in the field
  • Doctorate-Level
  • In Recovery
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"Addiction treatment is not only science; it's also art. It deals with the processes of life. People need to see how much we care before they care how much we know."
Doctor Stephen Loyd Headhot as Drug Czar
Dr. Stephen Loyd MD

Chief Medical Officer

Founding Principles

Addiction is a disease that can be treated with evidence-based and research-backed treatments
Any co-occurring mental health conditions must be treated along with the addictive behaviors to achieve long-term healing
Everyone can recover from addiction
Every patient deserves respectful, compassionate care
Treatment providers are accountable for patients' lasting success

Third-Party Vetted

Our treatment is monitored by all the leading addiction healthcare organizations.

CARF Accredited

While state licensing is mandatory, only for providers with the commitment and capabilities to provide better treatment adhere to much higher standards from non-profit accrediting organizations. The majority of addiction treatment providers are not accredited. CARF is the highest level of accreditation in our industry. The review process takes nine to 12 months. Only 20% of addiction treatment providers meet and maintain these strict criteria.

LegitScript Certified

LegitScript is the authority on ethical healthcare marketing. Most large providers in our industry do not meet these high standards. We were one of the first in the world to earn the specialized certification, which is backed by Visa, Google, Microsoft and Facebook. It assures what we say about our facilities is true and transparent and that we don't accept any form of payment for referrals. Our status can be verified on

Insurance Distinguished

Blue Cross Blue Sheild is the largest health insurer in the U.S. The honor of Blue Distinction means we "demonstrate quality care, treatment expertise and better overall patient results." Learn how they separate the top 1% of specialty care providers on In addition, Optum uses their data to categorize the effectiveness of treatment facilities. We earned the highest Platinum status. More information on the Optum tier system at

The Latest News

  • Official provider for retired NFL & MLB pro athletes.

    We are the only addiction treatment provider approved by the NFL Player Care Foundation and the MLB BAT program.
  • We're in-network with new VA Choice insurance.

    Veteran care is a high priority here. We accept Tricare and have specialized programs led by veterans that include virtual reality technology in treatment.
  • All 14 outpatient locations offer virtual options.

    We're growing in our commitment to communities in Tennessee, Kentucky and Florida. Across the state, you can get addiction care at home.
  • Current data shows 84% of alumni are sober six months after starting treatment here.

    We use our data and statistically-verified studies from others in the industry to adjust our programs in ways that have the biggest impact on individual success.
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