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The science of addiction medicine has advanced exponentially in the last decade. You can live without feeling sick, high or constantly distracted. Start Suboxone treatment today in Tennessee, Kentucky & Florida or fully virtual.

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Suboxone Treatment (Online or In-Person)

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Using medications for drug addiction is recommended by all healthcare authorities - including the U.S. National Institute of Health. Beyond Suboxone, medications for dual-diagnosis issues (like antidepressants) stabilize other imbalances in the brain that contribute to the cycle of opiate use.

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Unlike other centers, you get access to powerful tools right in your pocket. Use it whenever you have time or are feeling triggered. The app helps you stay healthy long-term. You tackle pillars of general health (like sleep and nutrition), as well as mental health (like gratitude and medication reminders).


The JourneyPure app connects to an Alumni Coach, who's in recovery too. Get advice anytime from someone who understands. Beyond medication, the clinics offer therapy options, including virtual sessions. JourneyPure also has the best in-network rehabs in Tennessee, Kentucky and Florida. You can get as much help as it takes.